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We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the ACT, the Ngunnawal people and recognise any other people or families with connection to the lands of the ACT and region.

What They're Saying

“Being in Canberra has amplified my voice”

Sophia Eco-entrepreneur, COO at Mineral Carbonation International (MCi) and winner "Best Clean Energy Startup" at COP26 in Glasgow

Live in Canberra


Locals call Canberra Australia’s ‘best kept secret’. There’s less rush, more chance to thrive beyond the 9 to 5. We look out for each other and those across our region.

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Work in Canberra


When you work in Canberra, you work among some of the country’s most prominent leaders, as well as innovative thinkers, entrepreneurs, Nobel Prize winners, artists and researchers.

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Study in Canberra


Canberra is Australia’s education capital, and home to our nation’s best globally ranked university. Our city is placed in the top 25 student cities in the world.

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Do Business in Canberra


Starting and growing a business here in Canberra makes sound business sense. You’re close to everything, with strong support and connections to help your business thrive.

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Find more than you came for


Iconic national attractions; riding Mount Stromlo’s bike trails; sipping our cool-climate Shiraz. Canberra offers the peak experience. It’s the best of Australia, brought together for you.

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April Hélène-Horton

Each afternoon, when April clocks off from her leadership role in corporate communications, she transforms into Act Two of her professional life.

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Russ Brindley

Canberran Russ Brindley, co-owner of Sweet Bones cafe and bakery, and keen BMXer, has had a career that’s taken him across the world.

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Caitlin Maggs

When electrician, business owner and stand up comedian Caitlin Maggs moved away from Canberra, it was the sense of connection and community she missed the most. 

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Laurence Kain

Founder of Foreshore Festival, Honky Tonks, Hippo Bar and Capital Brewing Co says: “I wanted to host the kinds of events that said, ‘You think we don’t know how to party in Canberra? Watch this.’”

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Yolande Norris

For Yolande Norris, Canberra’s creative heart beats not only from the uber new buildings of the city centre but from disparate and unexpected places like our research institutes and outer suburbs.

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Vikram Sharma

Vikram Sharma is proof that when you live in Canberra, your next door neighbour could be a deep tech scientist predicting problems 100 years into the future.

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Shashank Behl

For Indian-born Shashank Behl, moving to Canberra in 2015 was “an accident”.

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How Canberra, with its short commute times and university and government connections, is helping Goterra thrive.

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Hannah Quinlivan

Hannah Quinlivan is a local artist whose work is well known to Canberra commuters.

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Bronwyn Fagan

As a born and bred Canberran, there’s a lot Bronwyn Fagan loves about living and working in the nation’s capital — but nothing more than the thrill of a Raiders home game.

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Joel Tyrrell

“It’s been really nice to be directly involved in making a difference to the city I’ve grown up loving.”

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Ricky Stuart

“You don’t have to be born in Canberra to feel as though you’re a Canberran.”

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Kirstie Rea

Glass artist, Kirstie Rea, wouldn’t live anywhere else.

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How AeroPM grew from a one-person consultancy to an award-winning veterans’ employer.

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Study “perfectly aligns” with a full-time career

Brazil’s Paulo Vasconcelos is making the most of his PhD in Aerospace Engineering at the University of New South Wales (Canberra Campus).

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Carbon disruptors calling Canberra home

Why MCi headquarter their carbon startup in the sustainability friendly ACT.

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Wildlife Drones

How Wildlife Drones built world-class animal tracking technology backed by the Canberra community.

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“Never felt as comfortable as I feel in Canberra”

Eve De Gregorio, from France, is making the most of “priceless” life and work experiences while studying at CIT.

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Solving the world’s biggest security challenges

Cybersecurity expert Mathew Wilson taps into the defence and security sectors and Canberra’s supportive startup community.

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“Precious memories” and confidence in the future

China’s Sabrina Britt is enjoying Canberra’s easy lifestyle and prestigious educational institutes as she studies a Bachelor of Communications and Media at the University of Canberra.

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Great study options in a “beautiful city”

Canberran Pip Merrick chose to stay in ” a city that has so much to offer young people”, to study a Bachelor of International Security/Bachelor of Political Science at ANU.

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Connecting cyber business to meet high demand

Cyber security is growing so rapidly that Canberra is establishing more ways to nurture providers and meet the demand.

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