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We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the ACT, the Ngunnawal people and recognise any other people or families with connection to the lands of the ACT and region.

Why study in Canberra

Study among some of the world’s top institutions. Canberra is a thriving, modern city set within stunning nature. Here you’ll discover a vibrant, inclusive community known for its multicultural diversity, world-class dining and entertainment.

Education is what Canberra does best

Canberra has a culture of innovation and creativity. Scientists, researchers, teachers and entrepreneurs achieve extraordinary things here.

Collectively, our 5 leading universities and TAFE offer thousands of courses. Australia’s top-ranked university is here. All our universities are in the top 4% in the world.

As the home of the Australian Government, Canberra attracts an eclectic mix of people. Leaders, innovative thinkers, policymakers, Nobel Prize winners, artists, athletes and researchers call our city home. Knowledge is our competitive advantage.

Our skilled workforce attracts businesses and investment. It keeps Canberra on the cutting edge of the global economy. Multi-national corporations choose our city to establish and grow their presence in Australia.

All of this translates to more options for graduates.

Graduate opportunities

Whatever your field of study, you’ll find success here. There are real opportunities to translate your skills and values into interesting work.

  • We consistently have the highest average income and high job growth.
  • Our unemployment rate is the lowest in the nation
  • Our tertiary institutions have strong links with industry and government
  • 2 in every 3 Canberra jobs are in the private sector

Find out more about working in Canberra.

A lifestyle you’ll love

Fun at dusk and runs at dawn, in Canberra you’ll find more than an education.

We enjoy an varied social scene: a top-class foodie culture, major sporting events, concerts and festivals. Or hike, camp or kayak in our tranquil national parkland to get away from it all.

It’s an easy day trip to Sydney, or to some of Australia’s best ski-fields and pristine beaches. Even in winter, our skies are clear and sunny, which is why we have Australia’s most active population.

Find out more about living in Canberra.

Study close to national institutions

Do your research at the National Library of Australia. Witness democracy in action at Parliament House. Take in some of the nation’s internationally renowned art. Our galleries and museums have global reputations. You’ll study close to experts, leaders and mentors.

The National Library of Australia
The National Library of Australia

You’ll feel welcome here

Each year, 60,000 tertiary students choose to study here. They move from around Australia and across the globe. Part of the appeal is that this is a young, vibrant city. You’ll feel welcome and included.

If you fly in, our Student Ambassadors will greet you at the airport. They’ll give you information about your new campus and help you settle in.

You’ll find Orientation Week the perfect time to make new friends and ease into campus life. Our institutions provide ongoing settlement support.

Living here is easy

Canberra is one of the most liveable cities in Australia and the world. We score highly on wellbeing measures. Our crime rate is among the lowest in the nation.

You’ll commute, live and study without breaking the bank. It’s more affordable than many other Australian cities.

Travel concessions are available to all students on our light rail and bus networks. Grab a MyWay card to receive the cheapest fares.

We’re big on cycling, too. Our network of shared paths and identified routes means you rarely need to cycle on the road.

Daily domestic flights are available through our state-of-the-art airport.

Guaranteed accommodation

Our major universities offer guaranteed campus accommodation for new undergraduates. It’s clean, safe and close to everything you need. There are plenty of accommodation options off campus, too. It depends on where you’d like to live, how much you’d like to spend and other lifestyle factors like your preferred way to travel around the city.

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