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“Precious memories” and confidence in the future

Originally from China, Sabrina Britt is enjoying Canberra’s easy lifestyle and prestigious educational institutions as she studies a Bachelor of Communications and Media at the University of Canberra.

“I chose Canberra as a place to study due to its unique cultural and physical environment,” says Sabrina.

“As the capital city of Australia, with its orderly social norms and high safety standards, Canberra has not disappointed.

“Despite living in a foreign country on my own for the first time, my parents always had peace of mind and never raised concerns about my wellbeing.

“Before arriving here, we read positive research and feedback. Once I lived here, this was confirmed to be true.

“Canberra offers easy employment opportunities during and after study, affordable living, non- stressful lifestyle and a variety of sightseeing and entertainment. To me, it’s uniqueness is that you can live any kind of life you wish. It is small enough to get an intimate feeling of a country town, contrasting with its dynamic and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

“With regard to study, Canberra enjoys prestigious educational institutions and world-leading facilities and equipment. Choosing Canberra as a place to study has given me lots of confidence in my future!

“After 10 years of living in Canberra, studying at both CIT and UC, I feel more and more in love with Canberra’s embracing of diversity.

“The city holds a special place in my heart. It’s not just a foreign city that I studied in, but it has quickly become my home. I have built precious memories and experiences in Canberra.

“What first impressed me is the close relationships you can quickly develop. All the people I came across when I arrived in Canberra were extraordinarily kind and helpful. I never felt like I was a stranger in this city from day one! Everyone loved to greet me with a warm and lovely smile.

“People in the community were very supportive. In my first week here, I shared my hobby of bike riding. Someone handed me a bike they no longer needed for free! My first Christmas, I was invited to a local family’s home to experience a traditional and authentic Aussie style festival.

“The community spirit is the highest I have ever experienced in any place. People in the community particularly welcomed international students. I felt great privilege and popularity whenever I introduced myself as such. It was always a win-win situation because I got to practice my English by telling the locals my homeland stories. And I gained great knowledge of local culture and people.

“Canberra’s influence has inspired me to serve the community back, by volunteering to run my own radio show, ‘My Little Culture Shock’, through the local multicultural radio station. I used this opportunity to reflect how culture changes an individual’s perspective, as well as my own personal experience from me being an international student. It is safe to say choosing to study in Canberra was one of the best decisions that I have ever made in my life!

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