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We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the ACT, the Ngunnawal people and recognise any other people or families with connection to the lands of the ACT and region.

Where is Canberra

Canberra is Australia’s capital city. A place of new ideas and social change, of community and connection.

You’ll find us in south east Australia, in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

Australia’s two most populated cities are nearby – Sydney to the north and Melbourne to the south.

In 1901, this region was chosen as the setting for Australia’s new capital city. Australia was – and is – a young nation, and wanted a new, modern city as its capital.

While the ACT might look like a small area of land, bounded by the much larger state of New South Wales, our size nurtures a community that looks out for one another.

Those who arrived in Canberra early were visionaries and starters. They saw opportunity. To make a new kind of city and a new way of life.

More and more people followed and, with layers of commitment, Canberra came to life. This well planned and forward-looking city is now home to 450,000 ambitious and caring people.

We share borders with regional towns that offer Australian heritage, high quality produce, pristine beaches and breathtaking snowy mountains. Canberra and it’s surrounding regions combined make a population of nearer to 950,000.

We’re as progressive here as we are relaxed. As connected with the world as we are detached from the bustle and rushing you’ll find in Australia’s bigger cities.

The Capital

Australia’s parliament meets here, and the administrative function of Australia’s federal government has always been a top source of employment.

But over time, and as Canberra has emerged, the work here has changed. These days two thirds of all jobs are in the private sector. Interesting and diverse opportunities exist in business and hospitality, professional services, education, future industries, medicine, science, trades and more.

As the Capital, we’re home to many of the nation’s most precious collections and memorials. We curate those gifts and share them freely. Australia’s top university and the diplomatic core also have a home here.

This is a place that attracts people interested in the issues of today and who choose to contribute to communities and endeavours that keep this city, and all Australians, moving forward.

But, most of us love it here for reasons stretching far beyond our work. 

Life in Canberra

Half of the ACT is national park. Built around a large, central lake lined with cycleways. An active and outdoors lifestyle comes easily here.

Our unique ‘satellite’ suburbs have their own retail, restaurant and service hubs, and personalities of their own.

No matter where you live in Canberra, it’s easy to find your way to nature. The undeveloped hill-top ridges and nature reserves woven through the city and its suburbs are popular with Canberrans, and their dogs, for after-work hikes and watching the sun set over the Brindabella mountains.

And that stillness contrasts with the liveliness of Canberra’s food and entertainment scenes, our rich arts communities and festivals, and future-focused business, tech, innovation and education sectors.

How to get here

Getting to Canberra is easy. It’s a three-hour drive southwest from Sydney, and just over seven hours north of Melbourne by road.

Flying will get you here faster, with direct flights from Sydney and Melbourne, each taking around an hour. You can also fly in from Australia’s other capital cities and regional centres or book a seat on a coach or rail service from Sydney or Melbourne. Once you’re here, Canberra’s bus and light rail networks, and accessible roads, will get you where you need to go.

From Canberra you can fly to more than 20 domestic destinations.

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