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“Never felt as comfortable as I feel in Canberra”

Eve De Gregorio, from France, is making the most of “priceless” life and work experiences while studying at CIT.

“I have been in Australia for nearly 4 years, studying my Diploma in Leadership and Management and now a Diploma in Community Services,” says Eve.

“I have travelled around the east coast, the centre and the north of Australia and even though every place was beautiful, I have never felt as comfortable as I feel in Canberra.

“Canberra is an amazing, friendly, warm and welcoming city. It’s small enough to make me feel safe and feel like home – even safer than home! It’s big enough to have all the facilities, hobbies and spaces you need. And it’s wild enough to make you feel like you are in a different country and are experiencing the full Australia.

“I have never struggled to find jobs in Canberra. So many workplaces are willing to give students the opportunity to work.

“In Canberra, we are lucky enough to have natural beauty in the heart of the city. Living in Civic, I can go for a run or walk up to Mount Ainslie and share the path with kangaroos. I also have been lucky enough to be able to bring a joey (baby kangaroo) to work with me for a whole day. It is definitely a unique experience to live!

“Running the 10 km Canberra Fun Run in 2019 was great too. Although it was not that easy, the atmosphere was really friendly and fun. The track allowed me to see some beautiful parts of Canberra from another angle, and it definitely made me love this city even more!

“I also like to head to a coffee shop – and there are plenty of good ones at a walking distance – and enjoy the calm, warm and friendly ambience while working or studying.

“The best way to enjoy Canberra is to not be afraid, work on your confidence, put yourself out there, get out of your comfort zone and make connections with people. Don’t stay within your own community, even though it may feel reassuring and safe. There are so many places and groups you belong to, but overall, we are all part of the “human being” community. As students we have a lot to learn, but as international students we also have so much to offer. Don’t forget your assets and values and give yourself the chance to reach your dreams.

“Australia, and Canberra, has given me some priceless life and work experiences, which I will value wherever life takes me. I will forever be grateful for the people I have met along the way, and I know there is more to go!”

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