Canberra’s played a critical role in some of the biggest events in international space exploration.

We’ve provided vital support from the first moon landing to the Phoenix landing on Mars.

Internationally-renowned industry capability

Canberra contributes significantly to the global space industry through our:

  • research and education institutions
  • innovative local SMEs
  • global exporters
  • multinational companies with large space programs

Our key strengths

The Canberra region provides expertise and capabilities in:

  • communication technologies and services
  • satellite ground stations
  • space situational awareness and debris monitoring
  • earth observation satellites and services
  • positional navigation and timing infrastructure
  • spatial technology and support services
  • space-related tourism

We’ve positioned ourselves well to lead the space industry. We also:

  • lead in education, research and strategic thinking
  • have access to a large, highly technical and scientific workforce
  • get involved in international collaboration
  • offer key Government partners for Australia’s space industry
  • have space facilities are within a 25-minute drive from major civic centres
  • near top-ranked universities and research institutions
  • have business organisations and resources are designed to encourage industry growth

Support from the ACT government

To learn more about opportunities within Canberra’s space sector, contact us or visit:

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