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We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the ACT, the Ngunnawal people and recognise any other people or families with connection to the lands of the ACT and region.

Canberra is rich in talent, ideas and creativity to accelerate your growth.

Why invest

Canberra is home to leading Australian research institutions, industry partners and skilled workers to offer you a wealth of knowledge that fosters creativity and innovation.

The creative energy around business in Canberra makes our city the perfect place to expand. We’re progressive, collaborative, inclusive and welcoming of new people and ideas.

The ACT has experienced 33 consecutive years of economic growth based on Australia’s most progressive climate action and future focused knowledge economy.

We’re open to the future

Canberra is a test bed for new ideas and new technologies, and we have a strong track record for developing innovative solutions to tricky problems.  In Canberra we look for new opportunities and ways of doing things. We don’t see disruption, we see opportunity.

It’s this focus on forward thinking that secures our competitiveness into the future as we continue investing in climate action and net zero emissions, renewable energy, transport networks, connectivity and sustainable urban development.

Concepts go from pilot to proven more quickly here than anywhere else in the country. From next-generation quantum computing to achieving 100% renewable energy, Canberra is the incubator for daring ideas and new technologies.

A concentration of knowledge

Canberra attracts thinkers, artists, students and visionaries. There is talent everywhere, with the highest level of bachelor degrees per capita, and a thriving network of research collaborations. You’ll have talented candidates to build your teams, and access to intellectual capital to find and hone a competitive edge.

When you establish your business in Canberra, you will have opportunities that don’t exist in other cities. You will have the opportunity to partner with neighbours like the Australian Government, our national research bodies, our globally leading universities, our accessible innovation ecosystems, and welcoming industry partners. 

It’s easy to do business here

Canberra is a city of influence, where people are drawn to our prominent universities, cultural institutions and government. When you work this close to decision-makers, it’s easy to magnify your impact. You’ll find it easy to access top-class talent with so many intelligent, driven and curious people concentrated in one place.

Single level of government

Every state and territory in Australia has multiple layers of local government; except for the ACT. We like to have time to do the things that matter to us most. So, when you do business in our city-state, you don’t have to navigate local councils, shires, boroughs or municipalities. It’s simple in the ACT. The people who manage state responsibilities also manage local government functions. There’s less red tape, better efficiency, and more time to build your business.

Our residents and businesses benefit from incentives to use renewable energy sources, drive electric vehicles and reduce waste to help meet our goals of a circular economy. Commercial real estate is more affordable than in comparable centres in Sydney or Melbourne. That makes running a business and general living less expensive.

Sectors of opportunity

You will benefit from our capabilities in space, cyber security, defence, renewables, advanced technology, agri-tech, quantum computing and international education. With these areas rapidly expanding, now is the time to bring your ideas and innovations to benefit from this growth.

Canberra has a business ecosystem that supports entrepreneurs, social enterprises and start-ups, and a local innovation network that actively encourages a growth mindset. Where people like Vikram Sharma, who created quantum cybersecurity company QuintessenceLabs, have been able to grow to become a global leader in their field. Canberra, is a place where creativity and innovation work together to seamlessly flourish quickly.

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