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We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the ACT, the Ngunnawal people and recognise any other people or families with connection to the lands of the ACT and region.

Selling Canberra to job candidates

Our city offers an outstanding quality of life to someone moving here. It’s welcoming, progressive, active and family-friendly, with one of the highest standards of living in Australia.

Here’s a checklist of ideas on how to promote Canberra in your workforce attraction efforts. You can use the lines as-is or change them to suit your own style.

Cover off the benefits of living in Canberra


In Canberra, you get a better work-life balance. We have an easy lifestyle and strong community vibe. Canberrans love getting outside, with easily accessible mountains, parks and lakes. Everything you need to enjoy all Canberra and this region has to offer is in easy reach.

Feel welcome

We are a warm, welcoming community. More than 26% of Canberrans are from overseas. One in four speaks a language other than English. Canberra is a place where everyone belongs.

Live in a more sustainable way

Living in Canberra means being part of a greener future. Our city has a 100% renewable energy supply, and we favour an outdoors, active lifestyle.

Describe why work in Canberra might be different to work elsewhere

Do something great

Anyone with a drive to contribute can make their mark here. Whatever your field, Canberran employers provide opportunities to translate your skills and values into outcomes that move Australia forward.

Supportive networks

Canberrans succeed because we come together. Our region is a place where you can build an impressive network and share your life with smart, driven people. It’s easy to form partnerships in Canberra, spark new ideas and solve that problem.

Find like-minded people

Canberra’s employers value your ideas, not your status. We’re welcoming and transparent. People come from all over Australia and the world to build their future here.

Provide imagery of Canberra at its best


This web site is Canberra’s digital gateway. The Live section gives an overview of our lifestyle to help candidates get a feel for our city.

We Are CBR – Instagram

This channel showcases the Canberra lifestyle – it’s products, places and experiences – at its best, from the perspective of those that already call Canberra home.

Traveller information

Share our Traveller Information pages and encourage candidates to come and experience the city in person. There are overviews of Canberra’s neighbourhoods, cycle maps and helpful city guides for ideas on what to see and do while here.

Digital Toolkit

For even more resources, register to access the materials via our Digital Toolkit

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