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We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the ACT, the Ngunnawal people and recognise any other people or families with connection to the lands of the ACT and region.

Business networking

Find out how you can connect with government, universities, investors, partners and other businesses in Canberra.

Why connect

Successful businesses in Canberra are highly connected by nature. It’s how we do business. Because Canberra is easy to navigate, you can build a world-class network in less time.

Canberrans are generous with their ideas. Shared learning is a strong feature of our networking events.

In Canberra, you’ll find opportunities to:

  • meet potential clients
  • generate referrals
  • identify partnership or joint venture opportunities
  • collaborate, and share knowledge and experience

Build your networks

There are several organisations in Canberra that will help build your network:

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Interested in doing business in Canberra?

Contact the business team for information and advice.