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We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the ACT, the Ngunnawal people and recognise any other people or families with connection to the lands of the ACT and region.

How to meet people in Canberra

Made some friends in your lectures, accommodation and work but still want to broaden your social circle? Building off your passions and hobbies is a great way to get out there and connect with people.

Student clubs and societies

You’ll find student clubs and societies focused on all kinds of things, from individual sports and hobbies to specific cultural backgrounds or religions. Check out your institution’s Student Society to find out more.

Language groups

Whichever language you’re looking to improve in, there’s a language group for you, with many meeting on campus. Search on Facebook, Google and keep an eye on noticeboards around campus.

Whether you’re looking to level up your Latin or improve your English, there are plenty of language groups on and off campus to explore.

Board games at Guild

From the classics to the obscure, head along to Guild restaurant in the city for dinner and board games. This is the only place in Canberra where a healthy dose of competition is served alongside your main course.

Run into new people

Parkrun is a weekly run held at 8am every Saturday morning at various locations across the city. Walk, jog or run as you push yourself to make new personal bests and new connections. Volunteer to help run an event to help meet even more people.

Reload Bar and Games

Want to go out for a drink but would rather play some games than hit the dance floor? Make some new friends as you bond over a range of console and arcade games at Reload Bar in the Sydney Building.

Keep an eye out for events at Guild board games café to meet like-minded gamers. 

Canberra Bush Walking Club

Want to explore the natural landscape of Canberra and meet other nature lovers? Check out the Canberra Bush Walking Club with hundreds of members and groups heading out tackling the toughest of trails to the gentlest of strolls.

Dance the night away

Want a fun way to get some exercise in, meet new people and learn a new skill? Ballroom dancing is a fun way to learn something new and meet a wide range of people whilst having fun and moving your body. There are several schools across the city but Canberra School of Dancing in Weston offers introductory classes at half price.

Write it into being

Want to learn how to write the next best-seller and perhaps meet your literary best friend? Head along to the ACT Writers Centre called MARION.

Facebook Groups

Maybe you have a particular hobby that we haven’t listed. Use the search feature on Facebook to find local groups that regularly meet up and share your passion.

Bumble BFF

You might be used to swiping left and right on this app for romantic matches, but Bumble’s BFF feature is designed to help you meet platonic mates in the city.

MeetUp with new mates

MeetUp is a great website where you can find groups of like-minded people and, well, meet up! From riding enthusiasts to budding master chefs, you’ll be able to find like-minded mates.

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