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Unexpected places to visit in Canberra

Looking for those quirky, ‘off-the-beaten-track experiences? We have you covered. From taking out your study stress and frustrations in the Canberra Break Room, to desserts that taste out of this world (literally). Go forth and discover all that this city has to offer.

Have your heart abducted at Space Kitchen

Nestled in the heart of Woden, Space Kitchen is guaranteed to take your tastebuds on a powerful flavour rocket ride. Seriously, the food here looks and tastes incredible and has the flavours to match. Note the harmonious gasp and wows as every dish comes out—taking the adage ‘eat with your eyes’ truly to the next level.

Discover an alternative stress ball at Breakr

Ever been tempted to pick up a plate and smash it across the room? Well, at Breakr’s Break Room, your intrusive thoughts can run wild. Yes, really. In this specially designed stress-releasing space, anything from plates, mugs, vases, TVs and other fragile items are at your disposal to be smashed with a baseball bat or thrown with your own two hands. Pre-exam Break Room visit anyone?

Alpaca Magic…need we say more?

It’s a scientific fact that furry, fluffy Alpacas are guaranteed to spark pure joy. So, if you’re in need of a pick-me-up, check out Alpaca Magic at Sutton Forest. Aside from endless sassy, long-necked creators to admire, you can also immerse yourself in various workshops, from dying to felting, yarn and spinning.

Spend too much time (and money) at Dirty Janes

Love nothing better than shopping for old fashioned and vintage clothing? Say hello to your newest obsession, Dirty Janes. Tucked away in Fyshwick, this treasure-hunting oasis will guide you through a myriad of variously themed rooms, ranging from the weird to the strange and everything in between. But if all that couldn’t tempt you, there is also a goat paddock directly beside it. Adorable!

Get Inspired at Canberra Glassworks

Home to some of the best glassmaking facilities in Australia, Canberra’s glassmaking scene has a fierce reputation—producing breathtaking works through its hypnotic process. If glassmaking is something that interests you, whether that’s as a creator or observer, the Canberra Glassworks have endless experiences on offer. From exhibitions, free heritage tours, artist’s talks and workshops, let yourself get lost in this magical world.

Cockington Green

Located in Canberra’s north, Cockington Green is a miniature paradise, taking visitors on a trip around the world, from the castles of Germany to the villages of England. With an entrance via an enormous mock-Tudor mansion, expansive gardens and even a miniature train to ride, explore the world without leaving Canberra.

Apple picking at Pialligo

In autumn, head to the riverside community of Pialligo – right next to Canberra’s airport – to pick apples at Tanbella Orchard. A great group activity, for a small fee you’ll get a bucket to fill and can sample some of the delicious seasonal treats made from the orchard’s produce like apple jelly and non-alcoholic apple cider. And at the end of the day you’ll leave with a bag of hand-picked apples and a sense of achievement.

The Pop Inn

Did someone say ‘travelling bar’? The Pop Inn is Canberra’s wine bar on-the-go that gives you a new experience every time you visit. This travelling bar (built on a sturdy trailer) likes to pop up in various lakeside destinations, as well as in parks and on mountains around Canberra most weekends. Track where it will be to plan your visit on the website.

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