Canberra boasts the country’s best educated workforce, high labour productivity, modern infrastructure, low business costs and culture of innovation, and has one of the strongest and most secure economies in Australia.

With the ACT’s long-term economic growth tracking at twelve per cent in the last three years, Canberra has consistently outperformed the rest of Australia and its continued growth during the global economic downturn has seen the ACT recognised as a star performer among advanced economies. Find the most recent economic results and indicators through the ACT Treasury website.

This business friendly environment is also the place where Australia’s national political decisions are made and the business of government is transacted, offering contact with the nation’s federal politicians and their advisors, national organisations and key influencers of domestic and international government policy. Close and well linked to other major Australian cities, particularly Sydney and Melbourne, Canberra’s strategic location also allows convenient access to significant agricultural and commercial centres, and the vibrant Asia Pacific region through direct international flights to Singapore and Doha.

All this makes Canberra a city that offers a range of business benefits which cannot be found anywhere else.