You can have your cake and eat it too.

Posted 23 Feb 2018

Story by CBR Canberra

Canberra provides a strong foundation for entrepreneurs.

A large and growing population makes a substantial customer base—whilst being small enough to gain traction quickly and stand out from the crowd. Rachel Spangaro, owner of Forty-Two Cakes, believes Canberra is a unique market that allows small businesses the opportunity to make a real impact. Rachel explains, “I set up Forty-Two Cakes with my husband Alec and we have grown the business rapidly ever since. Within a few months of launching, we were booked out with weddings and events every weekend.” So, what makes Canberra the ideal place to set up shop?

“Canberra has been a wonderful place to launch a small business. It’s big enough to provide a substantial customer base for new ventures, but small enough that it hasn’t taken long to build relationships with our industry peers, including suppliers, venues, photographers, florists and other cake makers. Importantly, I think Canberrans have an appreciation for small and unique businesses, shopping local, and buying artisanal products, meaning we were really welcomed into the community right from the start.

“I’m so grateful for the way Canberra has enthusiastically embraced my cakes and our little business and provided so many opportunities to create delicious and beautiful centrepieces for life’s important events.

“Although as a business we’re still young and learning all the time, our journey to date has far exceeded our initial expectations. Forty-Two Cakes has become an enormous part of our lives and I’m so glad to be able to bring my love of cakes to Canberra”, said Rachel.

Rachel’s top five tips for kick-starting a small business in Canberra: 

  1. Have a clear concept of what your product is and why/how it is different from what else is on the market.
  2. Harness the power of social media.
  3. Try not to base your business around the popularity of a passing fad.
  4. Be prepared to work incredibly hard to build your brand and keep up with business demands.
  5. Realise that if it is your business, then any problems are yours to figure out and fix. On the flipside, the successes are yours to own and be proud of!

To get in contact with Rachel, visit her website or check out the Forty-Two Cakes’ Facebook page. And see more of her amazing cakes on Instagram.

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