Why work in Canberra

Build your career in our progressive city.

Explore the possibilities of a Canberra career in a unique innovation, business and government ecosystem.

Canberra is considered the knowledge capital. We are a modern city where research, innovation and government meet.

You’ll be exposed to a host of career opportunities, from private industry to  government and beyond. And when you work in Canberra, you work among some of the country’s most prominent leaders, as well as innovative thinkers, entrepreneurs, Nobel Prize winners, artists and researchers.

All this as well as the highest average income and highest employment rate in the country.

Build your career in Canberra and enjoy all we have to offer.

The lifestyle we’re famous for

You’ll love our outdoor lifestyle that includes lakes and mountains in reach of the city. Canberran’s enjoy getting active — and we’re famous for our cycling tracks. But the coffee we grab on the way to work is important to us too. As well as the many dining and entertainment options.

With everything within an easy 30-minute drive, you’ll be able to soak up all Canberra has to offer.  Spend time with friends and family in one of our beautiful parks. Enjoy world-class shopping in one of our many retail precincts. Visit one of our national landmarks. You can even take a day trip to the beach or the snow.

Work in Canberra and embrace a better work-life balance.

Get around without the overwhelm

We don’t have the same traffic snarls as most other buzzing cities. Canberra is planned to perfection and everyone is close to everything.

Take advantage of our excellent public transport for a fast and hassle-free commute.  

And with less time spent in traffic, you’ll have more time for the fun things in life.

Who knows what big ideas can grow when you have time to think?

Bring your dreams and your big ideas

When you work in Canberra, you can make a difference in your industry.  You’ll be up-close to policymakers, researchers, and global companies. 

We’re a progressive and inclusive city, and we embrace imagination.  We’re often chosen to test new technologies, such as autonomous vehicles and drone delivery. Watch your dreams and big ideas become reality through collaboration and connections.

Canberra doesn’t care where you’ve come from, or who you know. When you choose to work in Canberra, it’s easy to find like-minded people.

Resilient economy, high employment

Canberra has one of Australia’s most resilient economies underpinned by a diverse employment market. We have the highest average income and lowest unemployment in the nation.

There is an exciting array of emerging industries here, with a diverse range of employers, from multi‑nationals to micro-businesses. Two in every three jobs in Canberra are in the private sector.

Canberra has a number of key growth industries.

  • Renewable energy: 100% renewable energy powers our city, which will reach zero emissions by 2045.
  • Health and sport science: State-of-the-art facilities include the Australian Institute of Sport and on‑campus hospital and health facilities.
  • Innovation: Canberra has a strong start-up culture with access to established mentoring and entrepreneurship support.
  • Space science: We host 1 in 4 Australian space jobs. Our world-leading research and development is having a global impact.
  • Information technology and cyber security: More than 1,000 ICT and cyber security companies do business here, including multinationals.
  • Agricultural technology and environmental sciences: We’re home to The National Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Precinct. You’ll also find The Centre for Entrepreneurial Agri‑Technology here.

A city of innovators

We’re an exciting place to be for innovators, technologists and entrepreneurs. As the centre of government, Canberra provides opportunities for innovative policymaking and startup development.

The Canberra Business Innovation Network (CBRIN) is a central part of the Canberra and ACT innovation scene. CBRIN supports the startup and innovation community with First Wednesday meetups. Once a month, you can get together with like-minded people for collaboration and cooperation opportunities.

Be at the centre of policy and research

Canberra is the centre of government making world-changing decisions every day. Being close to decision makers can boost your networking reach — to affect change and have your voice heard.

The University of Canberra and the Australian National University, as well as other world-ranking research and tertiary institutions, provide access to the brightest researchers, academics and enquiring minds.

World-leading sustainability backed by economic growth

The ACT one of the first places in the world to achieve 100% renewable energy targets. The ACT Government leads Australia in progressive environmental and sustainability policies.

The ACT has a resilient economy that offers a range of exciting opportunities for people living and working here.

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