Win for labour market: new jobs with upskilling opportunities growing in Canberra

Posted 4 Feb 2019

Story by CBR Canberra

The results of the latest Canberra Business Chamber – Deloitte SME Survey were released in January 2019 and indicate that local small businesses are generating new job opportunities for many Canberrans.

Canberra Business Chamber CEO Dr Michael Schaper said, “Nearly one-third of respondents have either increased staff numbers slightly or significantly. This indicates they have confidence in the future of the capital region.”

The survey also reveals that due to the current employment environment many businesses are considering employing lower-skilled workers and training them up. Over two-thirds of businesses are considering new models for acquiring the right workforce composition and skills needs.

“The Canberra Business Chamber is working with local businesses, government and our tertiary education sector to provide more opportunities for work-integrated learning for people studying in the ACT, and to match courses with local business needs,” said Mr Schaper

The results also show local businesses are increasing their product and service offerings in order to grow, as well as adapting to rapid societal and marketplace change.

Read the full report here.

Photo credit: rawpixel

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