Why joining PwC Canberra should be your next career move

Posted 7 Nov 2016

Story by Pricewaterhouse Coopers

Our top 6 reasons to live and work in Australia’s capital 

Canberra has come a long way since it’s inception and is no longer reliant on Questicon and the War Memorial to spark interest in the Capital city of Australia. The ACT is both a vibrant and liveable city, and here are our top reasons why living and working for PwC Canberra is a great career and lifestyle move.

1. Impactful work

Working on both state and federal assignments, your work at PwC Canberra impacts every Australian, giving your day to day work and contribution, tangible outcomes and meaning. Working alongside professionals from all kinds of backgrounds, means you help find answers to the most difficult problems and questions facing our nation.

From the country’s defence force through to education and health – every project counts towards shaping the future of Australia, and that’s a pretty cool thing to be part of.

2. It’s not Sydney…or Melbourne

There’s virtually no traffic in Canberra, so think of the stress you will rid yourself of, when the commute to work takes minutes, instead of hours, each day. And whilst you’re still close enough to drive to the big smoke in less than 3 hours, it’s not Sydney (and we mean that as a positive).

With modern-day distractions and the fast pace of life, it can be difficult to find the time to do the things you love. Many people find themselves lost in the day to day rituals of life. Living in Canberra offers a lifestyle that encompasses work life balance, time for yourself, and a more realistic daily pace. Did we mention no traffic?!

3. Diversity is always a positive

Did you know that 25% of Canberra’s population were born overseas? The multiculturalism and diversity of the locals makes the community welcoming to newcomers and  family friendly for those ready to settle down. The median age in Canberra is 34, which means it is becoming a great place for young adults to launch their careers with a supportive and diverse community around them.

With a proud past, a vibrant and exciting present, Canberra has a promising future for those that live and work in Australia’s capital.

4. The workplace of the future is already here 

Imagine this; everyday you get to come into work in a space that reflects your to do list, mood or meeting schedule. There’s a high focus zone where everyone around you is feeling the same vibe – do not disturb. Or, for those chatty, collaborative moments, there’s low focus spaces that are thoughtfully designed for incubating innovation.

For PwC Canberra, that workplace is not futuristic – it’s how we work today. We call this way of working, activity based working (ABW). The ABW office in Canberra, breaks down unintentional barriers to success, like private offices or cramped work stations – all you need to bring with you each day is your laptop and brilliant mind.

5. Activities for everyone

There’s a common misconception that Canberra is boring…not true! With breathtaking natural surroundings, a plethora of sporting codes expanding into Canberra, great bars and night spots (without the suffocating crowds), and the usual tourist attractions, there is plenty of ways you can work and ‘play’ in Canberra.

Take a hike (or walk) to the peak of Ainslie Mountain, or stroll around Lake Burley Griffin. Be adventurous with world renowned biking tracks, or simply reinvent yourself by taking part in a more active lifestyle, utilising the amazing facilities and natural landscapes that the ACT has to offer.

6. You still get the best of NSW

Living in Canberra means you are close enough to drive to some of the most glorious beaches eastern Australia has to offer. This lends to the fact that you can afford to get away over the weekend or for short stays.

With the likes of Jervis Bay only 3 hours out of Canberra, you are spoilt with the option to make a quick getaway (without spending money on expensive flights) from your already not very stressful life…

It all sounds pretty great doesn’t it? Find out more about our current opportunities at PwC Canberra.

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