Who knew? Australia’s best coffee roaster is right here in Canberra.

Posted 21 Aug 2017

Story by CBR Canberra

With titles such as World’s Best Barista and Australian Barista Champion coming out of the city, it’s no surprise that Canberra is fast gaining a reputation as a coffee mecca.

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But along with housing the world’s best baristas, Canberra is also home to the country’s best coffee roaster – BEAN!ROASTERS.

Recently crowned Australia’s Champion Roaster for the second consecutive year, BEAN!ROASTERS in Fyshwick have been serving Canberrans deliciously roasted coffee for decades. The company’s director, Attilio Sciannimanica, says it’s something they take pride in.

“The Canberra coffee market is booming; well saturated in terms of numbers of cafes and coffee roasters. The competition are all major industry players, so for us, there is no higher accolade than the Champion Roaster award.”

Following in his father’s footsteps as one of Australia’s most acclaimed coffee roasters, Attilio has been roasting coffee himself since 1985 after purchasing the old Canberra Coffee Centre in Fyshwick. Since then, he has continued to transform the business and shape it into what is now known as BEAN!ROASTERS.

Aside from winning awards and satisfying the capital’s coffee aficionados, BEAN!ROASTERS also play an important role in coffee roasting communities both in Canberra and around the country.


“We run the largest coffee equipment repair and service workshop in the area and have an accredited service and warranty agent for several brands of coffee equipment,” says Attilio,

“We also run a training facility for those wanting to learn more about coffee roasting and how they can do it themselves, as well as importing and distributing our own café equipment.”

Coffee roasting was first introduced to Canberra during the 1950’s and 1960’s when an influx of migrants brought with them their love for continental foods and beverages.

Since then, the quality of coffee roasting around the capital has boomed, which Attilio credits to the evolving coffee culture and the competitiveness of the industry.

“Good quality fresh roast coffee has been available for a while now but has continued to grow with the trends of the coffee world. As a local roaster, we have been able to keep up with these trends and now ride at the front of the wave.”

For BEAN!ROASTERS, Canberra and everything it has to offer has been one of the distinguishing factors to its growth and success.

“The amount of competition in business, and not just in the coffee business, keeps players here competitive and sharp, which produces high-quality goods and services,” says Attilio,

“It’s also such a great place to live and bring up a family; it has lots of open space and bush surrounds and has a high standard of education – not to mention of course that the coffee is world-class!”

To learn more about BEAN!ROASTERS you can visit their website.

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