Where to get your morning coffee in the City

Posted 31 Dec 2016

Story by In The City Canberra

Here’s one for all the caffeinated Canberrans out there.

We aren’t ready to start our day without a good cup of coffee in hand. Whether your drink of choice is a latte or a short black, we’ve rounded up a selection of our pit stops for our morning fix, complete with their opening hours. Take note, and you’ll never have to start the day sleepy again.


332 Manhattan
7am – 4pm Mon – Fri
9am – 2pm Sat & Sun

The Glasshouse Cafe
6.30am – 4.30pm Mon – Fri

Coffee Lab
7am – 4pm Mon – Fri
8am – 3.30pm Sat & Sun

7am – 4pm Mon – Fri

3 Degrees Coffee
6.30am – 3pm Mon – Fri

Tonic Espresso
7.30am – 4pm Mon – Fri

Jazz Apple Cafe
9am – 5.30pm Mon – Fri
9.30am – 3.30pm Sat

Koko Black
10am – 10pm Mon – Thu
10am – 11pm Fri
10am – 11pm Sat
10am – 6pm Sun

Nookie Espresso Bar
7.30am – 2.30pm Mon – Fri

Loading Zone
7am – 3.15pm Mon – Fri
8am-2pm Sat

Milk Crate Cafe
6.30am – 4pm Mon – Fri

7am – 6pm Mon & Tues
7am – Late Wed – Fri
7.30am – Late Sat
7.30am – 4pm Sun

7.30am – 4pm Mon – Fri
8am – 1pm Sat

Café Alibi
7.15am – 4pm Mon – Fri

7.30am – 10pm Mon – Fri
5pm – 10pm Sat

Sip Coffee Bar
6.30am – 4pm Mon – Fri

Kaldi Coffee

Bean in the City


Lonsdale Street Roasters 7
6.30am – 4pm Mon-Fri
6.30am – 3pm Sat
8am – 2pm Sun

7am – 3pm Mon – Fri
8am – 3pm Sat & Sun

Chasing Mr Morris
Early – Late 7 days

Sweet Bones
7.30am – 4pm Mon – Sat
8.30am – 3pm Sat

6.30am – 4.3pm 7 days

New Acton

The Cupping Room
7am – 4pm Mon – Fri
8am – 3pm Sat & Sun

Mocan and Green Grout
7am – 6pm Mon
7am – 9pm Tues – Sat
8am – 4pm Sun

A Baker
7am – 10pm Mon – Fri
8am – 10pm Sat
8am – 4pm Sun

Have we missed your favourite cafe? Send us a message on our Facebook to let us know and we will update our list.

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