We are CBR

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A Rubik’s cube master, legacy builder, mover and shaker… you may recognise them, even know their names, but do you know their stories?

Past Profiles

  • Michelle Heyman Professional Footballer Michelle Heyman
  • Adam McGrath Photographer Adam McGrath
  • Taneeka Lang Taneeka Lang
  • Jordan Kelly Jordan Kelly
  • Ken Kroeger Chairman Ken Kroeger
  • Tom Skeehan Furniture Designer Tom Skeehan
  • Marshall Clark Marshall Clark
  • Emma Macdonald Emma Macdonald
  • Jayson Mesman Truffle farmer Jayson Mesman
  • Rebekka Leary Rebekka Leary
  • Alana Wade Alana Wade

The WE ARE CBR story is everyone's to tell.
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