Walking and cycling will get you from A to B in CBR

Posted 9 Feb 2017

Story by CBR Canberra

In CBR, you can leave your car at home, walking and cycling have been made just as convenient to get from A-B in the nation’s capital.

The ACT government has made a considerable effort to deliver some of the best walking and cycling path networks in Australia. It’s no wonder we have one of the highest participation rates in walking and cycling of the major Australian cities.

The idea of ‘Active travel’ (walking and cycling as a mode of transport) is increasingly recognised as a key feature of the world’s best cities and has grown significantly in Canberra over the last few years.riding

Canberrans and visitors alike will be spoilt for choice as the ACT Government continues to expand and improve the safety and convenience of its active travel and public transport networks.

Between 2012 and 2014, there was a 46% increase in the number of people walking and cycling into and out of the five major town centres. The highest numbers were recorded in Civic, with more than 8,400 counts across a typical weekday.

“With better-connected cycling networks, education, support and training I know many more people would choose to ride for more of their daily trips,” said Stephen Hodge, Government Relations Manager at the Cycling Promotion Fund.

Staphan Walter commutes bike from Hughes to his Dickson workplace every day, using a combination of streets and shared paths. He says riding makes him feel fit, healthy and ready for work.

bike 2

“When I ride, I obtain a level of mindfulness that a Buddhist monk on a peaceful day can’t achieve! I started riding in 2007 and have not stopped, even managing Canberra’s cold winters. It’s improved my life”.

Minister for Transport and City Services, Meegan Fitzharris announced two Australian firsts to boost active travel in the ACT.

Firstly, a ‘Park & Pedal scheme’ allowing people to drive their car part-way, take their bike out of the boot or off the bike rack and pedal the remainder of the journey.unloading bike

The first Park & Pedal location at Lindsay Pryor National Arboretum car park on Barrenjoey Drive is an ideal 30-minute ride from the City and Woden, and also from the National Triangle and Barton precincts. The off-road path, which commuters can ride the entire way to these destinations, is a stress-free option without the interference of traffic and intersections.

There is also the ‘Canberra Walk & Ride Week’ from 17-24 March 2017 to further promote walking, cycling and use of public transport in the ACT.

If you’re thinking of making the change to ‘Active travel’, you can find detailed information and maps showing on-road cycling lanes, shared use paths, unsealed paths, roads and free bicycle parking facilities on the ACT Government’s Active Travel website.

So, why not start your day in Canberra feeling productive and healthy?

Park your car outside of the city centres and take that extra walk or cycle. You’ll save money on parking fees, reduce your stress from traffic congestion, get some exercise in and witness some of CBR’s beautiful sights every day.

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