Three tips to help with your Canberra job search

Posted 2 Oct 2016

Story by Her Canberra


But there are jobs out there apart from the public service and if you target these, you’ll have much more opportunity for success.  Here are three of the best and easiest steps you can do right now to become more successful in the job market:

Idea 1 – Identify your skills which are transferrable to new roles and environments

Your skills aren’t necessarily only relevant to the last few jobs and places that you’ve worked in.  Skills can be developed through a whole range of experiences such as project-based work, casual , full-time and non-paid activities.  It could be that you volunteered to support or manage a school fete, a sports team or contributed to your local Club executive. Don’t disregard or underestimate the value of these experiences, as they can help provide the evidence of how you have demonstrated your capability for a job requirement.  Just take the time to write out all the duties and tasks you performed, what were the challenges and how you addressed them. You can then see how these match new job criteria and even paint a picture of you as a dynamic go-getter who works well in a team and achieves results! You can even add these to your resume!

Idea 2 – Tap into your network, as it is becoming the new best way to find a job in the non-APS space

You may feel put off by the lack of job ads these days and the continual doom and gloom reported.  To get the competitive advantage, you can seek to be referred into a job by friends, family, acquaintances and other contacts you have.  Organisations first preference for recruiting people is usually to ask for referrals from staff and colleagues first.  If you are known to the contacts within the organisation (or by someone related to or associated with the staff) as being a good potential fit, then you could be referred and land the job without even writing a job application! If you check out the research of British anthropologist, Professor Robin Dunbar, you’ll see his findings that we all have about 150 people with whom we have stable social relationships, so they are a great place to start. You can expand your network of contacts by attending industry or social events and meeting lots of new people.

Idea 3 – Do other people know your professional capability? A key tip is to build a strong personal brand that puts you in the most positive light.

You will have a greater chance of success in the job market if recruiters and employers can find supportive information about you online and hear from others about your skills and achievements.  If you project a good image online, it will support you in your job search – even while you sleep!

A good place to start evaluating your personal brand is to ask trusted colleagues, friends and family about what they see as your greatest strengths and achievements.  If the answers aren’t what you were hoping to hear, then you can start to look at what you need to do so people are more aware of your career goals and strengths.

There’s professional assistance available to you in your career search as well.  A career coach could be a good investment if you want to get that new job fast.

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