The Truffle Festival delights the senses and the ACT economy

Posted 28 Jun 2019

Story by CBR Canberra

The Canberra region is famous for high quality truffles. Our cool climate helps to mature the delicacy creating particularly sensational aromas. Canberra celebrates this deliciously ugly fare each year with The Truffle Festival.

This foodie festival is mid-winter magic for your senses with truffle hunts, gourmet cooking classes and meals to remember at many of Canberra’s local eateries. It’s also turned a traditionally slow and chilly period for tourist operators into a calendar highlight. The Truffle Festival is expected to inject $8 million into the local economy this year, according to a 2018 study from Central Queensland University.

Local truffle expert, Peter Marshall, has discovered French and Japanese flavours create an unexpectedly delightful mix, exporting his first French-Japanese truffle to Tokyo last week.

Mr Marshall has been experimenting with over 200 different species of oak trees to find the ultimate truffle flavour. Peter hit the jackpot when he inoculated a Japanese kunugi oak with a French truffle.

Festivals and events are major drawcards for tourists to the ACT, boosting overnight visitation to the territory and showcasing local excellence. Whether it’s The Truffle Festival in winter, Floriade in spring, Summernats in summer or Enlighten Festival in autumn, Canberra’s festival calendar excites locals and visitors alike.

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