The cutting – edge Capital

Posted 23 Feb 2018

Story by CBR Canberra

The world’s oldest barber, Truefitt and Hill (first established in London back in 1805), has chosen Canberra to open its first Australian salon, and is already setting new trends among our city’s gentlemen.

With operations across the globe including the USA, Canada and throughout Asia, Truefitt and Hill searched Australia for a cutting-edge city with a sophisticated mind-set that would embrace their distinctive English grooming tradition. Owner, Khushwant Dhanoa, believes that Canberra was the perfect choice

“Canberra has changed and some interesting, talented people live here. Canberrans take great pride, not only in their city, but also in their personal appearance and I wanted to be immersed in that culture”, Khushwant explains.

Photo by Dylan James

“The Australian capital was always a clear target for us. Truefitt and Hill’s services are luxurious and our research told us that the gentlemen of Canberra would be glad to spend some time getting pampered. It was clear from the beginning that a flagship in Canberra would provide us with a real business opportunity.

“The past few years have been a bit of a renaissance for the barber industry and Canberra is a testament to that. The city has many talented people working in the hair and beauty industry and we were able to staff our salon with some really great, creative barbers who will ensure impeccable service every time.

“There is definitely a big opportunity for us to build our business here in Canberra –  we have had clients coming in every day since our opening. The people of Canberra are increasingly passionate about having a luxury grooming experience and this is exactly what we are able to offer”, said Khushwant.

To visit Truefitt and Hill, drop in to their store at 4B/21 Genge Street Braddon.

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