See how Canberra’s collaborative culture turns ideas in to game changing technologies

Posted 6 Apr 2017

Story by CBR Canberra

David Edwards is the CEO and genius behind automed, a ground-breaking device that delivers accurate medication to livestock as well as automatic recording of data and inventory management.

He explains how moving to Canberra was his smartest move when it came to getting his business off the ground.

A businessman and an innovator, David identified the need for a user-friendly system for recording medicinal compliance in the livestock industry.

Having identified the need, David set about finding the solution. The result is automed; a device that automatically delivers accurate medication, to each and every animal, 100% of the time.


Originally from Newcastle, David moved the business to Canberra to be closer to people in the industry who understood what he was trying to achieve.

“We moved to Canberra, and to be honest we received more support in Canberra in the first six months than we’d had in the previous five years,” he said.

The automed team were delighted with the amount of support offered by the innovation ecosystem in Canberra, particularly the Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre (LBIC).

LBIC focuses on facilitating relationships, providing access to support and funding, targeted mentoring and broad-based business development and educational activities at all stages of business development.

“LBIC made us aware of and helped us apply for the Innovation Connect (Icon) Grant which we ended up getting,” David said.


As the diversity of the ACT’s economy increases, more and more businesses are collaborating to boost business growth and job creation in the nation’s capital.

automed was introduced to a world of networking opportunities in Canberra, meaning they didn’t have to source interstate or overseas for partners.

“The networking available in Canberra is just fantastic,” David said.

“We collaborated with local business Infinite Networks to create a secure foundation from which the product could work. This collaboration opened the doors to multimillion dollar pharmaceutical companies,” he said.

Canberra has developed a culture where it is big enough for international headquarters, but the people remain humble and willing to help.

“Early on we made some costly mistakes when we used resources in Sydney,” he said.

“What I really love about Canberra is that you have great people who actually want to help you and they won’t ask for anything in return.

David’s final words on the issue of Canberra’s suitability as a destination to grow your business?

“The ecosystem in Canberra is awesome. I’ve been to a lot of countries, and a lot of capital cities and I have never been anywhere where a business with new technology is able to get so much support from people who genuinely want to help,” he said.

It’s been great; actually phenomenal!”

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