Entrepreneur for change

Zack Bryers

At age 27, Zack Bryers has seen more, lived through more and done more for his community than most people can claim in a lifetime. When he was only 15, he was homeless; at age 19 he was fighting in the war in Afghanistan; and when he came back, he worked his way up to the Australian Gridiron League in just 18 months.

All of these experiences have prepared him for his role as a youth worker in Canberra, where he touched and changed the lives of countless young people, inspiring them with the hope that he never had.

“My biggest thing is asking kids what their dream job is. If you’ve got a dream job, you’re planning to be around that long and it gives them something to hold on to”.

Zack was awarded the ACT Outstanding Youth Worker of the Year and he received the prestigious Churchill Fellowship, which he used to further entrench himself in the ins and outs of community work.

Today, his innovative philanthropic brokerage firm, Bryers + Associates, helps businesses and individuals to identify and create programs that will have a positive effect on issues that are important to them.

In everything from supporting the homeless to veteran communities, Zack is making an enormous impact in a city that has made a pretty big impact on him too. “The amazing networks that you can create in Canberra have helped me to achieve things I never thought were possible. Having the ability to connect with politicians, successful entrepreneurs and sporting legends has allowed me to learn to view the world differently, but most importantly, it has allowed me to view myself differently. I love the fact that I can surround myself with motivated people who have a larger vision for themselves.”

“The city has so much to offer. Paddle boarding on the lake, the skateparks, rock climbing, hiking the centenary trail, climbing the mountains around town, a hop skip and a jump to the snow… what’s not to love?”

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Zack Bryers