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Lucy Sugerman

Her soulful voice and thought-provoking lyrics do not bely her age of just 16 years old. But singer/songwriter Lucy Sugerman has achieved so much in her young life. Since the age of four, her passion for music has seen her win a string of local and regional awards, including making it to the Grand Final top 4 of the Voice Australia 2017. Her Voice mentor, international singer Seal, described her as “a real national treasure,” and her stunning performances captivated a whole nation.

Despite performing regionally and nationally she still manages to balance her ambitions with the normality of day to day life. A factor that she believes is due to living in a place that allows her to have a balance:

“I am so grateful to have grown up in a city that is so nurturing and supportive—making it easy for me to do what I love. I’ve been able to chase my dream while also getting a great education.   

I am also grateful to the city for being so good to me. Canberra is all about supporting its locals, which means that when someone is out there doing what they love, people get behind them! There’s nothing quite like playing a home show, and people coming up to me afterwards, saying they remember seeing me busking at the National Folk Festival years ago.

But my favourite thing about Canberra is how diverse the community is. There are people living here from all corners of the world. As well as having the privilege of sharing my music in this city, I also get to enjoy the incredible art, stories and culture of other Canberrans.


If I ever go live somewhere else, I’m still going to come back to raise my kids in Canberra, because of all the opportunities it’s offered me.”


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