The hall of fame coach/player

Cal Bruton

Having grown up in the harsh neighbourhood of Brooklyn, New York City, Cal’s triumph over adversity has seen him become an integral part of the Australian National Basketball league since its inception, as both a player, coach and the first Black American to represent Australia in any sport.

Today he is supporting others who have been born into a life of hardship—in particular young indigenous Australians and refugees. Through coaching, mentoring and a big heart, Cal works for the AFL SportsReady and ARTSREADY programs in the ACT, partners with Charity Bounce and—through his business Bruton Basketball—delivers basketball clinics to over 30,000 youth throughout Australia. Despite the fact that he grew up in the USA and has lived all over Australia, Cal has chosen Canberra as his home base.

“Canberra has huge networking opportunities. You’ve got great people here, politicians, executive leaders and professionals—some with international links—who can really help get projects off the ground. Having a sporting profile in Canberra has definitely helped me open doors and follow my passion for helping kids through basketball.

“In terms of my personal life; I love living in Canberra. It’s a very clean beautiful city, easy to get around, with smart friendly people, it’s culturally diverse, has great schools, universities, parks and lakes which all helps with work life balance. And all those things they say about Canberra being a great place to raise a family—it’s true! I’ve got my wife, daughter and two sons living here and my older kids and grandkids love to visit. That’s what it’s all about.”

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Cal Bruton