Hospitality Queen

Bria Sydney

Bria Sydney was just 21 when she opened the popular Knightsbridge Penthouse in Braddon. By age 30 she was also the owner of the Parlour in New Acton and The Elk and Pea in Braddon. But then disaster struck. A fire completely destroyed the Parlour.

With the support of her partner, family and loyal team, she managed to rebuild her beloved wine bar, whilst also raising two children.

She has since sold Knightsbridge Penthouse and The Elk and Pea, both of which are still thriving under new management, but continues to operate the highly successful Parlour—one of the most sophisticated bars in Canberra. When it comes to her home town, Bria has nothing but praise.

“There is so much to love about Canberra. Here I can raise a family and have a career with little stress. I can afford a home in a great suburb with great schools. I can be in the city or across the lake in 5-10 minutes to meet friends for coffee or dinner and drinks, without worrying about traffic, car parking or it costing too much to catch an Uber home.

I can take the kids for a bike ride around the lake on one of Canberra’s crisp winter Saturdays while the sun is shining, and the beautiful blue sky is on show. I can get to the coast in 2 hours in summer and the snow in 2 hours in winter.

Most of all I love that my family and friends are here. Why wouldn’t you live here?”

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Bria Sydney