Award-winning Hairstylist

Adam Ciaccia

He has a cult YouTube following—attracting almost 94,000 subscribers—a client list in Los Angeles and New York City, a global brand and reputation, and a string of industry awards. And he does it all from his salon in Braddon—Axis.

Adam Ciaccia is arguably one of the best hairstylists in Australia. Despite his huge international following, he has no intention to leave the city he calls home because it “keeps me focused and grounded.” Instead he’s intent on pushing himself to the next creative level, whilst inspiring the next generation of hairdressers to do the same.

“Canberra has a great culture of collaboration. And because it’s so connected I’ve been able to establish an amazing network of people — both personally and professionally. In all my ventures, I’ve been able to join forces with other like-minded professionals because everyone’s really willing to help each other out.

There are the same opportunities here that there are in big cities. But in big cities it’s easy to feel lost and disconnected. Here there is a real feeling of belonging and a genuine desire to see other people do well.  As a creative in my industry, that support and feeling that I’m part of something bigger is really important to me.”

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Adam Ciaccia