Our Beloved Bundah

Posted 12 May 2018

Story by CBR Canberra

Known affectionately as Bundah, Narrabundah is one of the oldest suburbs in Canberra, having been gazetted in 1928. But a lot has happened since that time:

Raising stars
Timomatic, Helen Razer and Greg Walker from Machine Translations all went to school at Narrabundah College as well as Tim Ferguson from the Doug Anthony All Stars. In fact, the Doug Anthony Allstars made their debut at the Narrabundah Shops, in a cabaret cafe called “Cafe Boom Boom”.

Wild roaming peacocks
Many a person driving through “upper Bundah” has done a double take at the sight of a large flock of majestic birds strutting around the neighbourhood. Word has it they originated from a wildlife park in Symonston that closed down in the 1980s and were then captured and shipped off to Taronga Zoo in 2013. But clearly a couple dodged the nets and continued to breed. Residents are woken by the cacophony of their eerie cries first thing in the morning (or the prospect of having to clean up peacock poo in their driveway.)

Let’s eat out
The Bundah shops have had a long heritage of great restaurants and cafes, and residents are literally spoilt for choice. D’Browes is a long-standing favourite for long lunches (and even longer dinners). XO is a hidden gem that takes Asian fusion to a whole new level. La Cantina is perfect for politician spotting and excellent Italian. Café Mint is frequented by locals looking for their coffee fix. Dinner Rush offers healthy food and take-home dinners. And, if you’re looking for a genuine hearty schnitzel, you can’t go past the Harmonie German Club.

Interesting sports
Boasting one of Australia’s finest golf driving ranges—open day and night, a newly upgraded cycling velodrome and the home ground for Australia’s best performing Baseball League team, Canberra Cavalry, you can tee-off, hammer the track and cheer for a home run. Or you could just go to the local gym.

There’s a park called Rocky Knob
Although some swear it’s actually called Rocky Knoll. Either way it’s home to the “Devils Seat” a rock formation that looks a bit like the throne in Game of Thrones, a playground and a few cubby houses cobbled together with branches—proof that not all kids are glued to screens.



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