Meet the Canberra mums behind not-for-profit bottled water brand We Ain’t Boring

Posted 22 May 2017

Story by Riot ACT

Ever started a conversation with the phrase “don’t blame us, we just live here,” when describing our fair city?

I know it’s something I used to be guilty of, but as I’ve grown and dare I say matured, I’ve taken more and more opportunity to appreciate what Canberra has to offer, and I know two other great ladies who have too. What’s more, they are now giving back to the Canberra Community in a big way.

Long time Canberrans and best friends Emma and Soud are the proud initiators of not for profit company We Ain’t Boring. This new little company, that is growing by the month, sells premium Aussie bottled spring water in local businesses and at events, donating 100 percent of profits to Canberra charities and other not-for-profits.

After three months of trade, We Ain’t Boring has donated a combined total of $1100 to YouthCare Canberra and the Stella Bella Little Stars Foundation.

These same mums were also responsible for last year’s inaugural Spare 10 campaign, where locals were asked to hand over $10 to fund the purchase of thermals, gloves and beanies for Canberra’s homeless. Their original goal was to raise $1000 over one month. To their surprise and delight, so many local’s jumped on board to support the cause, the campaign raised $10,000 in just 3 weeks! The pair were then able to purchase not only a large supply of thermals, but also 120 sleeping bags for locals doing it rough. “Spare 10” has just kicked off for its second year.

weaintboring 2

After last years success, this year they have set their sights a little higher. With more outlay both financially and personally, these two local mums started up We Ain’t Boring to further support the Canberra community.

And what would inspire two young mums with five kids between them (one being welcomed only ten weeks ago), to give so much back to the Canberra community? Well, to quote co-founder Emma Madsen, “We believe by supporting, funding and raising the profiles of such important local services, we’re helping to improve the quality of lives right here in our own backyard,”. Emma who sadly lost her beloved Mum, Jill to brain cancer in 2014, has the biggest heart around, and Soud who also looked to Jill as a mentor, is a straight talker who wears her heart a little further up her sleeve, but it comes out in spades.

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Currently, the bottled water is sold wholesale to local cafés, supermarkets and events. These businesses then resell the water and make a profit for their own business too. “After we cover our business costs, we then donate every single cent left”, said Co-founder, Soud. Local residences are also able to order cases online for their home or private events.

Emma and Soud ask their stockists to take turns in selecting a local organisation, program or service close to their hearts. This model means donations are reaching as many different services and organisations as possible.

So next time you’re telling someone about where you’re from, tell them with pride. “I’m from Canberra, and We Ain’t Boring” and tell them about how we look after each other!

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