Lucy Sugerman’s big next step

Posted 11 Aug 2017

Story by Her Canberra


Have you been wondering what has become of our very own singing sensation Lucy Sugerman?

It’s been five weeks since The Voice finished and the talented singer/songwriter has been kept under contractual wraps and a media ban by the Nine Network.

But now she is a free agent again, and in an exclusive interview with HerCanberra, Lucy has big, big news.

The 15-year-old (OK, not for much longer with a birthday on 27 August) St Clare’s student has been signed to global music giant Universal.

And even bigger than that, she has been offered two separate contracts from the publishing and recording wings of the company – making her a potential star in both song-writing and singing.

Lucy’s feet have not touched the ground since she made The Voice’s grand finale. It was the culmination of a two-month journey in which the teen’s fortunes changed forever. She was the youngest performer ever to reach the end of the competition.


And while she did not win, her song-writing and recording contracts are testament to a likely future in the industry,

As always, Lucy is mature beyond her years.

“Things have settled down a bit. You know, I was on television for a little while. Now life goes on. I have exams this week!”

Indeed, Lucy’s life has returned to normal—save for the fact the songs she composes in her bedroom at night may one day be optioned for a Top Ten artist though Universal Music Publishing. Also, her diary is filling up with so many commitments, her mum Lynne has turned into a part-time manager.

“We actually need a separate diary now to keep track of everything. I have so many gigs coming up. And of course I need to focus on school too.”

Lynne’s administrative support is proving handy for Lucy, while Seal, her mentor, has also offered his legal team to look over her papers.

On the recording side, Universal Music Australia represents some of Lucy’s favourite artists, including Lorde and Vera Blue. Internationally, Universal Music Group has among its stable Lucy’s musical inspiration, Taylor Swift, as well as Ariana Grande, Lana Del Ray and Lady Gaga.

Universal’s Australian arm also represent Matt Corby, who has gone on to forge a career despite not winning (or maybe because of it) Australian Idol.

Lucy is philosophical about not winning The Voice, and retains her steely determination to make her mark on the music industry as she did before she thrilled the judges in the blind auditionwith her unique rendition of David Bowie’s Space Oddity.


“Right now the plan is just to learn more of the business side of the industry, keep writing, and juggling all the new gigs along with school and, you know, just life.”

“I am really still figuring out what I am doing, developing my sound and working on my writing. I know it is going to take a few more years until I am fully ready.”

Lucy said she had learned invaluable lessons from Seal and during the filming of the hit show.

“I had to do things which I was not used to and not comfortable with. I learnt how to deal with the constant pressure of each new week. And I had to deal with everyone watching and having an opinion and expecting things.”

The publicity and social media commentary was not always positive – a side of the instant notoriety that Lucy said was the most difficult aspect to come to grips with.

“Nothing can prepare you for it and I am still learning to deal with that. It made me realise that as long as you are doing the best you can you just have to learn to let go of what everyone else thinks. It can hurt, I am not going to lie, but you have to pick yourself up and move on.”

Lucy said that she always focused on the supportive comments – the messages from mothers saying their daughters idolised the young Canberra singer.

“It’s always special to think that you are a role model for younger girls. It makes me feel really happy. I want to live up to all those expectations.”

Meanwhile, for those who want to warmly welcome Lucy back to local performances, you can see her in Civic Square when she sings at the Moon Festival on 1 October, and a list of her gigs can be found on

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