InnovationACT helps kick-start new business ventures

Posted 24 Oct 2018

Story by CBR Canberra

Have you ever had a business idea you wanted to pursue but weren’t sure how to? Whether you wanted to create a virtual reality learning portal or start an on-demand roller-skate food delivery service, Canberra has a network in place to support you through your entrepreneurial journey.

InnovationACT supports individuals through the early processes of establishing a venture, with the aim to empower them with the skills, tools and networks to kick-start their entrepreneurial pursuits. This ten-week program consists of workshops, expert seminars, mentorship and a public pitching event.

In 2018 over 70 teams from across Canberra’s tertiary institutions participated in this intensive program. Five teams were selected to share $50,000 worth of grants to continue their new business ventures. Congratulations to the InnovationACT 2018 grant recipients: Developing an innovative platform using artificial intelligence technologies to support land developers, land agencies & local councils in urban planning decisions and suburb maintenance process.

Equilibri: Aiming to improve balance in people with severe balance impairments to reduce falls and increase quality of life, by offering a solution that can be used in the home, accessible to those in regional and remote areas.

Infro: Developing an automated cash register machine to enhance modern Points of Sale for small businesses, combining the efficiency from automation and the human interactions from cashiers.

OMNIA Protocol: Developing a privacy-preserving platform enabling individuals to provide firms, government or any other party access to their data without revealing any of the sensitive data to the monetizing party, in exchange for compensation.

Support a Star: Supporting local businesses who sponsor or wish to sponsor athletes, by matching athletes with business that share values, taking care of the administrative burden and keeping the relationship active.

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