How to be cool with the cold

Posted 18 May 2018

Story by CBR Canberra

London. Paris. New York. The world’s most iconic cities all have something in common. They are freezing in winter. Their residents don’t just handle the cold, they totally own it. So why not us Canberrans? Here’s how you can take on those below zero days:

1. Embrace winter fashions
Some of the best fashion statements are made during winter. Big faux fur coats, stylish hats and leather jackets. But unlike those living in other cities of Australia, we can legitimately pull off the oversized double breasted woollen coat and military boots!

2. Get your daily Vitamin D hit
One of the best ways to kick winter blues in the snowballs, is to get outdoors. And with Canberra boasting more sunny days than any other capital city in Australia, there’s no excuse. Plus, bonus points while you’re sweating it out: Studies show that colder temperatures may help you lose weight faster as our bodies use a lot more energy just to keep warm.

3. Cosy up in front of an open fire
Nothing beats coming in from the cold than a hot beverage in front of an open fire. If you’re not lucky enough to have one at home, Canberra has a host of bars, cafes, restaurants and even day spas, that have an open fireplace for you to laze in front of.

4. Christmas in July
Egg nog, mulled wine and a Christmas turkey with all the trimmings! Mid-winter is the perfect opportunity to celebrate all the parts of Christmas that just aren’t practical in summer. Whether you have a party at home or take advantage of all the events around Canberra, nothing beats getting into the spirit of Christmas six months early!

5. Get your skates on
Garema Place, in the heart of the city, transforms into a magical winter land featuring a pop-up skate rink that children and adults alike can enjoy. Featuring other fun winter activities, its open every day and night throughout the July school holidays and is perfect for families, couples and out-of-the-box date nights!

6. Go dashing through the snow
Canberra has some of the most spectacular snowy mountains, right on our doorstep. In fact, we have 6 ski resorts that are less than 3 hours from the Capital where everyone, from novice to pro, can take the slippery slope to pure winter bliss. Or if you want to enjoy some snow action closer to home, take a short trip to Corin Forest for tobogganing and ski lessons, with night skiing under the lights every Thursday Friday and Saturday nights.

7. Enjoy the great indoors.
Back away from the remote. Whilst those cold winter days are a great excuse for Netflix binges, they’re also a great time to continue the sports you love to play outdoors…indoors. We’ve got indoor venues for netball, cricket, rock-climbing, swimming, basketball, tennis, volleyball, soccer…even skiing. Or you could try a new indoor activity like hot yoga, ice-skating, martial arts, squash, aqua aerobics, dancing, fencing, go-karting…anything that will prevent you from turning into a couch potato.

8. Warm up from the inside
There are more than 30 wineries within 30 minutes’ drive of our city and what better time to enjoy the fermented fruits of their labour than winter. Sit back, swirl and sip on a full-bodied shiraz and you’ll feel curiously content about life in Canberra.

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