Health Horizon: Canberra start-up tracking global health innovations

Posted 5 Sep 2017

Story by CBR Canberra

Health is a rapidly changing space. The industry that was once dominated by large, drug producing companies is now a diverse and innovative network full of new ideas and technologies.

Every day, new health innovations are popping up and thanks to a Canberra start-up, these advancements will now be easily available to anyone.

Health Horizon is an online database tracking the health innovations currently being developed across Australia and the world. The website offers a space for health innovators, influencers, professional networks and the public to share and seek out new health inventions and discoveries. The database already showcases over 1500 innovations, with 40 of those being developed in Canberra.

Mat McGann, co-founder of Health Horizon, says the aim of the database is to provide Canberrans with an easily accessible platform to stay up to date with the latest health inventions across the globe.

“Our mission is to make all new health innovations and discoveries accessible and engaging to the public.”

Marcus Dawe and Mat McGann

Marcus Dawe and Mat McGann

“We have developed a system that categorises new inventions and advancements into groups such as what type of product it is, what it’s used for and what stage of development it’s at. This will hopefully help innovators get their work seen and allow patients to easily find an option for their needs,” he says.

In recent years, health advancements have dramatically changed the way medical conditions are treated and Mat says new innovations and developments have encouraged this.

“30 years ago, it was a drug, a device or professional care that would help people,”

“These days, policy changes, genetic advancements and new materials and technologies are being developed. We are seeing new ideas emerge such as personalised medications based on genetics or virtual reality programs that can simulate the symptoms of a patient,” he says.

Mat says following the building of a stable foundation in Canberra, the company is looking to go global.

“The fact that we are an online service means we are accessible from virtually anywhere and we can open up world health innovation to everyone. We want to become the leading company for health innovation worldwide.”

Mat says Canberra’s start-up ecosystem has been critical to Health Horizon’s success.

“The CBR Innovation Network (CBRIN) is a great asset to Canberra and has been so helpful for us as a new company.”

“The government, industry and academic institutions are all on your doorstep here and that’s really important for health innovations,” he says.

For any budding entrepreneurs, Mat says Canberra is the place to be.

“Canberra’s more intimate vibe really helps in getting your ideas out there and establishing your business as a front runner.”

“The local government is so supportive of the business community and there are many active conversations about business innovation around the city – it’s a very welcoming place for new ideas,” he says.

Mat says Health Horizon is constantly looking to grow their database, and anyone with details on new advancements should get in contact.

The Health Horizon team

The Health Horizon team

“We want to be the major health innovation network in the world, so if you, or anyone you know, are developing in this space, please let us know!”

For more information, or to contact Health Horizon, you can visit their website.


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