Grace pays testament to CBR’s liveability

Posted 24 Jan 2017

Story by CBR Canberra

“My experience of moving from Bathurst to Canberra has been nothing but positive.”

Like many, Grace moved to Canberra in search of a job opportunity. Who could blame her with Canberra still boasting the lowest unemployment rate in all Australian major cities.

She had her hesitations; all of her university friends were heading to the big smoke in Sydney, and she was under the impression that the streets of Canberra would be sprawling with politicians.

She soon came to realise this wasn’t true.

“I’ve seen just one Federal politician out in public and I have lived here for a year and a half now!” said Grace.

“Pretty much they’re all up there on the big hill… they fly in, make decisions and then fly out, it doesn’t affect our daily life in Canberra.”

“There is no denying that politics is a component however hundreds of thousands of people live here and that’s not what we’re all about,” said Grace.

Canberra is hugely diverse and has one of the most passionate food and coffee cultures in the country.

“The food and coffee scene is so progressive here, there are so many cool spots,” Grace said “You can just troll through Instagram hashtags and you will find cafes with good food, and there aren’t really many places around here where you order and pay for a bad coffee.”

There is no doubt that the Nation’s capital is a great way to kick start your career.

Grace has been able to advance her career a lot faster than her peers at university. Since moving here she was promoted within 6 months to a senior role and has recently worked her way into her dream job.

“Choosing to relocate here is a good idea because you’re given more of a chance as a student in your first year out of university,” said Grace.

“You’re given a lot more responsibility and have a greater opportunity for growth than what you would be given in places like Sydney, because there is less competition.”

There is one aspect of the city that is slowly attracting more and more people, and that is the great quality of life it has to offer.

“It’s such an easy city to move around which means you can fit so much more into your day than other cities,” Grace said. “In Canberra there is no such thing as traffic. You can get anywhere in 10-15 minutes and there is never any traffic on the road which is fantastic,” she said.

“The great quality of life here is also enhanced by the cheaper rent compared to Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. I pay $160 rent per week in a brand new three-bedroom house, right across the road from shops and my work, in comparison to my girlfriends who pay for a tiny house in Sydney for $300 each a week.

And if you ever need a mini ‘vacay’?

“Canberra is situated perfectly between the sunny coastline of the South Coast and the ski slopes, giving you the best of both worlds,” Grace said

“It really is a no-brainer – I love this place and I tell everyone to live here.

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