Funding to upskill in the capital

Posted 22 Feb 2019

Story by CBR Canberra

ACT Government’s Skilled Capital program enables you to build your skills and contribute to the ACT’s skilled workforce of the future.

You can complete training that is right for you and access a comprehensive range of services and subsidies.

Skilled Capital supports quality training and addresses critical skills needs areas across a range of industries such as community services, information technology, health and construction.
Through Skilled Capital, you can access courses from certificate III to advanced diploma qualifications, as well as a selection of certificate II pathway qualifications. You can also undertake shorter training courses, comprising one or more units of competency linked to a licensing requirement or an industry need.

The qualifications supported by Skilled Capital are based on the ACT Skills Needs List. This list identifies the skills we need our workforce to have, both now and into the future. It is updated each year, based on what industries tell us they need and feedback from stakeholders.

Find out which qualifications you could be supported to undertake in Canberra through Skilled Capital.

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