From Seattle to Canberra – a surprising change for Sally and her family

Posted 3 May 2017

Story by CBR Canberra

Imagine moving yourself and your family to a different town, country or even continent.

Sally Sloley made this bold move and uprooted her family’s comfortable life in Seattle, Washington to head for unfamiliar territory in Canberra.

Having never been to Australia’s capital before and unsure about what a life in Canberra would look like, it was Sally’s children’s’ determination to experience the ‘Aussie way of life’ that led the family to take the plunge.

“My husband’s parents are from Melbourne so my kids grew up with Aussie books, stories and traditions.

They’d finally had enough of not knowing what Australia was really like and convinced their dad to look for jobs!’ Sally said.

Given the strength and security of Canberra’s economy, a job in the nation’s capital was soon confirmed and the Sloleys set off to start their new life.

“All I’d heard about Canberra was that it wasn’t near the beach, it was cold, and it was too government-y. Oh, and we were definitely a bit worried about the snakes and spiders,” she said.

But when they arrived, those worries disappeared and the Sloleys quickly developed strong feelings for Canberra.

“We love it here,” Sally said.

“It is a wonderful city with so much to do. It’s safe, there’s no traffic, and our kids love school here.”

While both Sally and her husband work in the city, they are thrilled with how easy it is to escape the daily grind, with nature on their doorstep.

sally 5

“We have a house on 20 acres of pine forest with so much wildlife right in our backyard.

“We keep our friends up-to-date with our adventures and the photos of kangaroos in our yard are the most popular yet,” she said.

sally 1

“Canberra also has wonderful wineries and beautiful beaches only a short drive away.”

The Sloley family have found there is no shortage of fun things to do in Canberra on the weekends. They have made it a weekend ritual to get out and explore what the city has to offer.

“We make it a point on most weekends to choose one day to do something new. We go to museums, festivals, outdoor movies, and art galleries.

We collect brochures everywhere we go and display them on our guest room bulletin board so we always have something to choose from,” she said.

As Sally and her husband are involved in the tech industry, she was happily surprised that Canberra has a thriving tech and innovation community.

“There are so many talented people with great ideas and endless opportunities to network here,” she said.

So, you have heard it here first; Canberra is the perfect place to start your new life.

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