Floriade celebrates the big 3-0, volunteer Faye returns for her 17th event

Posted 15 Sep 2017

Story by CBR Canberra

Floriade is the capital’s celebration of spring; marking a changing of the seasons and a bringing together of close to half a million local, interstate and international visitors. This year, it’s Floriade’s 30th year and you can expect to see a rejuvenated offering.

Double the opportunity to witness the widely acclaimed after dark experience NightFest, new daily opening hours of 10am-7pm and an extended program of events are all features of Floriade in its 30th year.

Witnessing this next evolution in the history of the iconic event, and central to the birthday celebrations (although distinctly behind the scenes), will be Canberran Faye Argento.

Faye is volunteering at Floriade for the 17th consecutive year

Having just this week celebrated her 67th birthday, this Floriade will be Faye’s 17th consecutive year volunteering her time to make sure the month-long event runs smoothly.

As the event embraces the theme “rejuvenate”, Commonwealth Park will be abloom with the most popular and best performing flower bed designs from the last three decades. Faye, meanwhile, will join around 200 other volunteers to meet and greet, answer questions and take photos for visitors to the park.

Faye says that what she loves most about Floriade is exactly the same as what she loves most about Canberra: the sense of community.

“Floriade is such a special event to the city, I just love to see people from all walks of life come together. From young families enjoying a picnic in the beautiful Canberra spring weather, to groups of international tourists to members of the community who might not normally get out much, Floriade puts a smile on everyone’s face.”

The iconic celebration of spring is celebrating its 30th birthday this year

Having spent a large proportion of her life in the nation’s capital, Faye says it’s a joy to watch her grandkids grow up in such a liveable city.

“It’s so easy living in Canberra; getting around is so simple and allows more time to spend time with my family and help with the grandkids,” says Faye.

To find out more about Floriade, visit www.floriadeaustralia.com

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