Five of many reasons you should build your career in Canberra

Posted 28 Apr 2017

Story by CBR Canberra

Embarking on a career in Australia’s capital city promises excitement, reward and variety. Oh, and that elusive work/life balance that is the envy of the rest of the country.

We have one of the strongest and most secure economies in the nation and are home to Australia’s best-educated workforce.

Ranked nationally as having the highest concentration of knowledge-based activity, we are truly an innovation economy.

In Canberra, pioneering start-up companies and go-getting individuals can make a real impact.

There are countless reasons to work in Canberra, but we know you’re busy already being remarkable – so, we’ll give you the top 5:

1. Our economy is strong. Really strong.


Canberra has consistently one of the lowest unemployment rates when compared to other major Australian cities, and we enjoy the highest average full-time income in Australia.

What’s even better is that you can actually afford to buy a home here. The ACT is one of the most affordable states or territories to purchase a home and renting here also won’t break the bank.

Canberra is growing… fast. Major infrastructure projects such as the Canberra Metro light rail and the University of Canberra Public Hospital, not to mention the booming construction industry, means there are loads of exciting new job opportunities.

With all that’s happening here, it’s no wonder the world is flocking to Canberra. Our annual international visitor numbers are soaring year on year and, with direct international flights coming in and out of Canberra airport, the local tourism boom won’t be slowing down any time soon.

While the Australian and ACT governments are still major employers in the city, it might surprise you that over half of Canberra’s workforce is employed in the private sector, with more than 25,000 businesses, from multi nationals to micro businesses servicing the region.

And did we mention we’re pretty clever? Canberrans are, on average, more computer-literate than the rest of Australia, and have more tertiary qualifications than any city in the Southern Hemisphere.

We might just also mention that we have the highest percentage of early adopters of technology and the greatest NBN take-up in Australia.

Canberra’s economy is fast paced, and it’s rife with opportunity. Will you seize it?

2. Balancing work with a jolly good time

work 2

While you’re busy making the most of all of the city’s dynamic career opportunities, we also know that balancing work with that little thing called life makes for healthier, happier and more harmonious humans.

When you work in Canberra, there’s plenty of fresh air (and boy, is it fresh) for you to enjoy in your down time. In fact, 70% of the ACT is pure open space, while 50% is protected nature reserve.

There is so much on our doorstep; with walking and cycling trails, national parks under an hour away and with both the beach and the snow only two hours away, weekends in the capital region offer the perfect chance to clear your head after a busy week at work.

As well as the beach and the snow on your doorstep, Canberra is a rare treat among Australian cities, providing a kaleidoscope of colour, activity and experiences based around our four distinct seasons.

We’re home to people who want to make the most out of life. The ACT has the highest participation rate in sport of any state or territory, a higher percentage of volunteers than other Australian city and the highest rate of attendance at art galleries, concerts, theatre, dance shows, cinemas and musicals in Australia.

In 2016, 68% of workers in the ACT were happy with their work life balance, better than anywhere in the country.

Extra time with family and friends, enjoying all of the good things that life has to offer? You’re welcome.

3. It’s easy to get around

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Another massively underrated benefit of working in Canberra? The reduced commute time!

Forget tedious hour-long commutes in bumper to bumper traffic that leave you frazzled by the time you get to your desk. Canberra prides itself on being a ’30-minute city’, where the limited city traffic reduces the stress of a morning start.

The city is accessible via public transport, with a reliable network of buses connecting the four town centres, while the first stage of Canberra’s light rail network will be delivered in 2018, creating an integrated transport network, that will be expanded throughout the city over coming years.

Or, simply do as the locals do and get on your bike. Canberra has the highest percentage of people who use bicycles as their main form of transport than anywhere else in Australia. With such a comprehensive network of cycling lanes, it’s no wonder.

4. The ‘Canberra’ opportunity

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The ‘Canberra Opportunity’ is the very unique benefits that exist through working and doing business in the region.

While Canberra has the facilities and opportunities of a larger city, it retains the personalised relationships that are more commonly found in smaller towns.

This phenomenon is a product of the advanced urban infrastructure and modest population level. Canberra’s population of just over 400,000 people creates a positive small business atmosphere – it boosts competition which makes Canberra businesses exceptional at recognising customer loyalty.

World-class facilities, a thriving innovation and start-up ecosystem, a supportive business community and companies who actually value the loyalty of their customers?

Canberra is the place to develop your career and shape your own business identity.

5. The perfect location!

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For business owners, the strategic location of Canberra makes doing business so convenient. Only three hours drive from Sydney and just over an hour’s flight from Melbourne, Canberra is closely connected to the major capital cities.

The result? Business relationships that transcend state and territory boundaries – especially between larger firms.

Canberra also allows easy access to many of Australia’s east coast regional centres: Orange just over three hour’s drive away; Wagga Wagga two and half hours and Albury three-and-a-half. This opens up trade opportunities with country markets and increases business networking abilities.

With Australia’s best-educated workforce, high labour productivity, competitive business costs and one of the strongest and most secure economies in the nation, Canberra is an environment where smart business leaders, courageous entrepreneurs and pioneering companies can make a real impact.

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