First week as the Innovation Network’s new CEO

Posted 9 May 2017

Story by CBR Innovation Network

A couple of weeks ago the CBR Innovation Network (CBRIN) appointed its new CEO, Peter Adamek after founding CEO Sarah Pearson moved on to her next venture.

Peter Adamyk

Peter has a strong passion for innovative entrepreneurship and helping companies scale up and grow. Here, Peter talks about what exactly went down on the first week of his new job:

I have now been the CEO of CBR Innovation Network for more than a week. And an interesting week it was. In many ways, what happened in the last 7 days is a manifestation of what CBR Innovation Network is all about. In partnership with ANU Connect VenturesInnovate Canberra, ACT Government and Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency we took a group representing 14 exciting Canberra startups and 4 start-ups from Wellington to Singapore to pitch to 120 registered investors on Wednesday (photo: David Keightley, CEO and founder of Ecospectral).


On Wednesday, we introduced Canberra and Wellington entrepreneurs in a Wednesday Connect style event at Australian High Commission to the Singapore business and diplomatic community and on Thursday we ran a Lean Start-up workshop for entrepreneurs at Bash – Australian Landing Pad.


We are partnering within and outside of Canberra to support our entrepreneurs and innovators who are driven to make a difference globally. Raising capital from investors in Singapore in partnership with Wellington (for companies born in many cases out of our foundation members) demonstrates how we are doing that.

On Thursday, in partnership with CSIRO, we launched a new cohort of ON Prime program for 8 teams of researchers from University of Canberra (UC), Australian National University (ANU), Data61, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and other participating universities.

Over the weekend, we have supported The 100 Year Life Startup Camp, a 48 hour start-up competition by Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre and partners, to see a stream of 13 teams (including school age founders) pitching their ideas on how to assist humanity as we continue to live 100 years or longer. Today, a group of UC students presented their design ideas to our marketing team to help us decide on an innovative gift to our partners.


Tomorrow, Ingrid and Erica are launching STEM SELLS, that will see 17 young future women leaders learn how to interact with science and technology in an exciting and entertaining way and become inspired to choose STEM careers. Tomorrow, we will also have 20 entrepreneurs, researchers and staff of our foundation members go through our Lean start-up workshop learning how to design and test Minimum Viable Products.

CBRIN is here to support start-up businesses is the ACT to support a globally recognised clever, connected, creative city fuelled by excellence in research, innovation and entrepreneurship.

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