Posted 26 May 2018

Story by CBR Canberra

Fadden is one of the jewels of the South. You don’t hear much about it in the news, and it’s probably because everyone is out and about, enjoying it’s great outdoors. Here are a few reasons we think Fadden is fabulous.

Fadden Pines Park
Pack your picnic blanket. Because with its many free barbeques, sheltered areas, modern park equipment and lots of space to play some footy, it’s worth the trek down Tuggeranong Parkway. There’s even a skatepark to keep your teenage companions happy.

Pooch power
Dog-lovers agree that the Gowrie-Fadden walk is one of Canberra’s best outings with your furry mate. With its awesome mountain views, this 90-minute walk follows a series of interconnected parks, including huge off-leash playing fields, a shady pine forest and a small nature park with breathtaking views.

It looks after its residents
And we’re not just talking about the human ones. Fadden lies at the foot of the Wanniassa Hills Nature Reserve, which supports the nationally vulnerable pink tailed worm lizard and provides a home to threatened and regionally declining woodland birds. Follow the horse-riding, mountain biking or walking trails and get your reward at the spectacular lookouts.

Thank you, sir!
The suburb was named after Sir Arthur William Fadden – a politician and the only member of the Country Party to ever become Prime Minister. Fadden only held the title for 39 days, but his name lives on in this established suburb.







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