Corin Forest will have snow in time for Easter

Posted 15 Apr 2019

Story by Her Canberra

It’s only April, but we can expect snow in the ACT within the month according to Corin Forest.

With a new snowmaking machine already frosting the slopes, the 2019 Corin Forest season will see “all-weather snowmaking capability”, meaning even more opportunity for snow play within an hour of Canberra.

With the nickname of ‘The Yeti’, Corin Forest’s new snowmaking machine creates a snow-like cover of flake ice which is ideal for setting up a base for naturally occurring snow and topping up existing snowfall.

“This capability is a first in our region and a huge step for Corin Forest,” explains Corin Forest Managing Director Dane Liepins. He adds that The Yeti will help solve one of Corin Forest’s biggest challenges each year – “predicting the start and end of the seasons.”

“The Yeti will let us extend the start and end of our snow season, and keep a good cover-up from start to end. This investment is the first stage of our development plan over the next few years.”

The introduction of The Yeti also means a new opportunity for Corin Forest – snow at Easter. Canberrans will now have the chance to experience snow across the four day weekend and beyond, with tobogganing planned across Easter, ANZAC Day and the second week of the ACT school holidays.

“We want to really see what we can do now with this unit,” says Dane. “We know the cover won’t be the same as mid-winter snow, we’re still too early for the season. We just want to do something unique and fun – tobogganing at Easter seems like just the thing!”

the essentials 

What: Corin Forest Easter Snowplay
When: 19-28 April 2019 with sessions at 11 am and 2 pm each day
Cost: $20 per person

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