Charly Thorn takes LA

Posted 15 Jun 2017

Story by Her Canberra

She’s the teenage fashion superstar in waiting who burst onto the scene at last year’s FASHFEST.

Eighteen-year-old Charly Thorn received a standing ovation at the end of her first solo runway show at the Convention Centre and that talent has now been recognised around the world as Charly has been asked to showcase her designs at Los Angeles Fashion Week in October.

“I am still pinching myself,” she says. “I will be showcasing in an international collective show and will also be part of setting a new world record for the world’s longest runway – 3.3 kilometres.

“I’m sure the models will need to be well equipped and maybe I should give them sneakers to wear instead of platform stilettos.”

It was the organisers of the LA fashion extravaganza that came to Charly, asking her to be part of its first international runway show.

“I never had LA Fashion Week on the agenda for this year but I am so thrilled to have this opportunity,” she said.

“I am looking forward to the experience of being around industry professionals, celebrities, fashion influencers and established designers.

“It doesn’t seem real that an 18-year-old Cooma girl will be rubbing shoulders with the industry’s elite.”

charly thorn

Charly says she will be incorporating Australian merino wool into her collection.

“My collection is a Spring/Summer report inspired collection. I am using all gorgeous natural fibres and printing my own fabric.”

The LA invitation comes after Charly was asked to showcase at Vancouver Fashion Week, coming up in September.

“Just after finishing FASHFEST last year, I received an email from the show, asking if I was interested in showing for their April fashion week,” she said.

“I decided showing in September would give me enough time to raise the money to cover the entry fee at least and to produce the collection to the highest standard possible.

“The momentum from FASHFEST has led to Vancouver and now from Vancouver to LA.

“I am very thankful for the support my community has given me. Without them, none of this would be possible. I can’t wait to take them proud on the big stage.”

It’ll be a busy few months for the designer who will use the same collection for both shows.

“I will be seriously hustling, she said. “I do not have a collection yet, I am back to square one regarding manufacturing so I will be very busy trying to work out my plan.”

Charly has also been honing her craft, working with online fashion retailer Birdsnest.

“As you can imagine, I am soaking up every bit of information,” she said.

“I am learning a huge amount of valuable skills for the industry I am so passionate about. I am very grateful to have Birdsnest as mentors in this stage of my life.”

If that was not enough, Charly says she hopes to fit in FASHFEST this year, in between her Vancouver and LA shows.

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