CBR duo crowned as Australia’s entrepreneurs of the year

Posted 2 Dec 2016

Story by CBR Canberra

Glenn Keys and Dr Andrew Walker, founders of one of Canberra’s most successful home grown companies, Aspen Medical, have taken out the 2016 Entrepreneurs of the Year award.

Glenn and Andrew, who founded the now global healthcare services company in 2003, become the first Canberra company to win the major prize in the 30 years of its history.

The pair had earlier won the National Services Entrepreneur category, which gave them the opportunity to claim the overall award.

Glenn and Andrew will now go on to represent Australia, and compete against over 60 national winners for the coveted title of EY World Entrepreneur of The Year in Monte Carlo next June.

Glenn said that Canberra offers businesses an environment that is unique in Australia and one that allows big ideas to emerge.

“We’ve always been proud of Canberra and I think what we have done is use the advantages of Canberra to our best advantage,” Glenn said.

The founder of Aspen Medical said that his company was able to make use of the city’s strengths, including being home to the Australian Government and boasting the most educated workforce in Australia.

“We are close to government, close to every embassy, anywhere is really close, be it Sydney, Melbourne or further afield, and we have a fantastically trained workforce. So we look to the advantages of Canberra and play to those strengths.”

Aspen Medical is one of the world’s leading providers of innovative outsourced healthcare, employing more than 2,200 health professionals and support staff across Australasia, Africa, the United States, Europe and the Gulf Region.

Bruce Armstrong, Aspen Medical CEO, said the award was a tribute to the hard work of the entire team across the globe.

“These awards cannot be achieved without the entire Aspen Medical team delivering healthcare solutions to our customers on a daily basis, wherever they are needed,” Bruce said.

“Whether they are on the front line of our delivery or supporting those on the front line, we thank them all for the crucial role they play in making Aspen Medical a world class operation.”

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