Canberra start up proves sky is the limit

Posted 25 Nov 2016

Story by CBR Canberra

Not only is Canberra home to great ideas and innovation, it is also Australia’s most cycle-friendly city.

With a substantial network of roads and cycling networks, CBR is renowned for the options it gives its cyclists, who can enjoy a gentle ride around Lake Burley Griffin or test their skills at the world class recreational facility, Stromlo Forest Park.

Combine innovation and cycling together and something special can emerge.

That is exactly what Canberra start-up Today’s Plan has done with their Analytics and Training System for coaches, athletes and everyday riders.

The value of their innovative technology platform has been recognised by world cycling giant Team Sky, who has announced a new partnership with the Canberra company.

Today’s Plan will customise their existing cloud-based platform to meet the specific needs of the Team Sky performance staff, coaches and riders.

Ben Bowley, Managing Director of Today’s Plan, said innovation was the key to the partnership.

“The best demand the best, and we are working closely with Team Sky, who have won the Tour de France on four of the past five occasions, to meet the specific requirements of the riders, coaching and performance staff,” Bowley said.

“The beauty of our partnership with Team Sky is that it will benefit all users of Today’s Plan. We will work with Team Sky’s coaches, sports scientists and other specialists to enable the team to advance their use of training prescription, analytics and other data sources to support performance. This drive in innovation will make Today’s Plan a stronger training tool for every cyclist – from professional riders through to people new to training.”

Team Sky will migrate fully to the Today’s Plan platform in time for the 2017 season. The platform will be the primary tool used by Team Sky’s coaches for training prescription and analysis of the rider’s performances and training load.

The platform supports not just on-bike and on-body sensor data, but also integrates with external data such as weather, nutrition and wellness data from a range of fitness systems – allowing extensive data correlation for enhanced decision making.

For the riders, the platform’s ecosystem of mobile and desktop apps, and the main website become their daily touch point for recording ride data, and other subjective inputs, and to review their training progression as they prepare for the world’s pinnacle bike races.

Sir Dave Brailsford, Team Principal of Team Sky said he was confident the technology could provide an added advantage.

“I believe the next real advantage will come not from which team can acquire the most information, but from which team can best put the insights gained from that information into practice – day to day, week after week,” Brailsford said.

“This partnership with Today’s Plan will give Team Sky that advantage. Successfully and efficiently sharing that information with coaches, the Sports Directors, performance staff and riders will drive improvements, both now and in the future”.

Today’s Plan has had several touch points with ACT Government programs including Innovation Connect, STEM internship and Trade Connect.

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