CBR Life Hacks

Posted 1 Jan 2017

Story by Out In Canberra

Attention Canberrans… life doesn’t have to be this hard! If your wallet’s looking so sad that the moths won’t even stay in there, let us help you appreciate the stingier things in life. Check out our Canberra Life Hacks and turn that smile up-side-down!

Good sourdough just got a little sweeter

Do you love sourdough, but hate the price tag? Well after 4:00pm head down to Autolyse on Lonsdale Street in Braddon and pick up your favourite loaf for just a couple of dollars!

Food court clear out

Have you ever been to a Westfield food court near closing time? Well if you haven’t leave your office a little early and get some takeaway on the cheap! Most vendors are offering their perishables up for only a quarter of the original price.

Fresh Food Market Wins

Speaking of food clear outs… Fresh fruit, vege and even seafood can be a luxury when your weekly budget is wearing thin. So why not head to the Belconnen or Fyshwick fresh food markets on a Sunday afternoon? On a late Sunday afternoon market prices drop and you can definitely get more bang for your buck.

Them Aesop feels

Get that Aesop feel without having to put a mortgage on your bicycle to buy the hand cream by trying some of their testers out the front. With three sample to try from why not treat yourself to a squirt next time you’re in the Canberra Centre.

Fruity flavours

Window shopping is thirsty work, so whether you’re in Woden, Belconnen or Canberra Centre drop into T2 for a tasty cup of tea. Whatever your tipple – hot or cold – T2 have something to brighten your day.

Put your ‘meeting face’ on

If you have an important meeting or job interview and haven’t had time to put your makeup on, drop into Myer or David Jones and try a new foundation. Pick your favourite cosmetic stand and get the attendant to put your face on for you with a new shade of foundation.

by Alex Dickens 8 March 2016

This article has been repurposed with permission from Out in Canberra. To view it in its original form, click here.

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