Capital Brewing Co: good natured community

Posted 23 Aug 2018

Story by Her Canberra

Since opening its doors in September 2017, Capital Brewing Co has become something of a Canberra icon.

Nestled in the emerging precinct of Fyshwick’s Dairy Road, the brewery, which is 100% independently owned, is a thriving social hotspot. In addition, their wide variety of brews can be sampled nationwide.

Founded by passionate Canberra locals, Capital is a true success story and already, they’re passing on the love by supporting in excess of sixty community organisations, with contributions to causes such as cancer research, foster care, and women’s refuge.

But this year, they’re upping the ante with the launch of Good Natured Community. In the wake of the 2018 Federal Budget and beer excise tax cuts therein, Capital Brewing Co realised they could either make their beers $0.02 cheaper or use the cuts to give back in a greater way.

From now on, Good Natured Community will see $70,000 worth of beer and brewery experiences be made available to community groups every year, including brewery tours, cases of beer, and ‘karma kegs’.

By using these donations, Capital Brewing Co expects that the Canberra community will be able to raise well in excess of $150,000 annually by auctioning off these kegs or using them as part of events.

Capital’s Community Engagement Manager Dan Watters says it was a “no-brainer, really”, adding that the inspiration for this initiative was formed off the back of Canberra’s immense support for the company.

“We’re grateful for both the support of our local community and the fabulous work they do,” explains Dan.  “The best way we can support them is to maximise their ability to raise critical funds for their own organisations.”

As a sign of their generosity, the brewery has launched Good Natured Community a year before the tax cuts officially come into fruition. Cheers to that!

For more information on the Good Natured Community initiative visit

Article courtesy of Her Canberra.

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