Canberra’s Top 5: A UAE perspective

Posted 30 Apr 2018

Story by CBR Canberra

When you know, you know, and for Angie, visiting Canberra was love at first sight.

She couldn’t get the city out of her mind, and when she returned home to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, she applied for her permanent residency in Australia. Once accepted, the Digital Project Manager decided to consummate her love of Canberra by moving here permanently. Angie’s fiancée, Arnie, moved here a year afterwards and so enamoured were they with the city, that they even decided to get married at Canberra’s Boat House shortly afterwards. Here we discover why they consider Canberra to be a match made in heaven:

1. Super close to the mountains and the sea!
My partner and I love to drive, and within 2.5 hours we get to see snow in winter and beautiful beaches in the summer. After living in a desert dressed like a mall—this is an incredibly exciting and welcome change. We drive up to Sydney (just three hours away) if we want to shop or experience a bigger city once in a while. But it’s comforting to know we can come back home to Canberra after our adventures.

2. Food
You wouldn’t think a tiny little place like Canberra could have the diversity or the quantity of food options that it does. We have a new café, restaurant or bar opening almost every week—with new ideas and cuisines that we’ve never heard of or tried before. Another amazing thing: we don’t have to wait in 45-minute queues to eat something delicious. I’ve had some of the best Indian, Asian and Italian food here—comparable to most major cities in Australia and the world.

3. People
You cannot appreciate Canberra without its people—the life, the heart and the soul of Canberra. We received such a friendly welcome that the city instantaneously felt like home. We’ve also met people from different parts of the world, with a similar story to ours—making Canberra such a melting pot of different cultures and ideologies. There truly is a place for everyone here.

4. Education and attractions 
Both my brother and his girlfriend came over to study at the ANU and they loved it. Canberra has some of the best educational institutions in the world—be at the school or university level. For me, this is a huge benefit if you have children or are planning to have a family. Moreover, the quality of education is at a very high level—great prep for the future generations. This combined with all the attractions the city has to offer such as National Gallery of Australia, The Arboretum, Botanical Gardens, Parliament House and so much more, it really is a smorgasbord of activities and knowledge.

5. Ease of life 
We truly don’t find ourselves at the same stress levels as we’ve experienced living in Dubai or India. Things are just simpler and easier in Canberra—without being boring. There’s so much to do and finding a work life balance is actually possible. We also love the lack of insane traffic and how we can do five life-admin chores in a matter of an hour—now that’s freaking cool!

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