Canberra’s top 5: A Swedish perspective

Posted 12 Apr 2018

Story by CBR Canberra

He was born and raised in Sweden, travelled the world, and briefly lived in Perth. But having recently been recruited to Canberra’s CBR Brave ice hockey team, Per Daniel Goransson feels like he’s finally ‘come home’.

After a devastating injury prevented him from pursuing a career as a national ice hockey player, Goransson decided to leave his home of Sweden and reinvent himself on the other side of the world. After spending six years in Perth, during which time he completed a degree, launched a career in marketing and got back into ice hockey, Goransson was recruited by Canberra’s ice hockey team, CBR Brave. He’s been living in Canberra for almost three months and, according to him, “this is the happiest I’ve ever been”. Here are Goransson’s top five reasons for wanting to make Canberra his permanent address.

1. Mesmerising landscapes.
Having lived in Sweden and Perth, and travelled extensively all over the world, I can honestly say that the landscapes in and around Canberra are some of the most stunning I’ve ever experienced – especially come sunset time. When I drive around the region, I feel like I get a good mix of the world, with the mountains and natural landscapes reminding me of Europe, Africa, the valleys around Los Angeles, and a little bit of home too.

2. Friendly people and sophisticated culture.
Everyone here has been so welcoming and inviting since I arrived – it’s been fantastic. And I feel like Canberrans are my kind of people – there’s enough culture, sophistication, appreciation for the arts and good food to really get me fired up. I just didn’t get that stimulation in Perth.

3. No traffic.
In Sweden the traffic is hectic; it takes you ages to get somewhere during rush hour. I’m surprised at how little traffic there is here, and how quick and easy it is to get from A to B without any delays. Plus, I don’t have to worry about any snow chaos!

4. The food scene.
Sweden has a very traditional food scene. Perth doesn’t have a huge diversity to choose from. But here in Canberra, there are so many different cuisines on offer, and the restaurants I’ve been to so far have been fantastic. I’d been told that before I arrived, and I haven’t been disappointed. Healthy food is also important to me as an athlete, and the quality of fresh produce here is excellent. The Fyshwick Markets is my ‘go to’ place every weekend to get my fruit, veggies and fish.

5. Happy people.
I find that the people here seem happier than anywhere else I’ve lived. Maybe it’s for all the reasons above, but people just seem to radiate a good vibe and a harmony – like they’re really content with their lives. Both at work and the rink, I’m constantly surrounded by fun people with a positive mindset. So as a result, I feel a whole lot happier too.

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